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My evening - long walk, lighting festival and some hot chocolate β˜• London is always so so beautiful, it's hard to say what's Lumiere special πŸ˜•
#lumiere #lumierelondon2018

Who already got to check Lumiere? My favourites so far are the light cube and this rainbow just off 🌈

i’ve always been intrigued by light and shadows, the way light can bounce off surfaces, almost dance and create it own magic of sorts.
i often forgo sharing the photos of odd angles and captures of light as the collective whole seem to not appreciate it the way i do. however, in being my most authentic self - this light not only caught my eye - a sense of peace washed over my being, not only was it warming, it was incredibly grounding.
so here - today, on this very ungrounded day, i’m sharing this bit of light with you, for if you need it the way i do ✨

did you know that 108 billion coffee cups are thrown away each year? and that’s just in the US!
i’ve always tried to be very cognizant of wasting less and eventually transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle but i wasn’t moving as fast as i knew i needed to. THERE IS JUST SO MUCH PLASTIC EVERYWHERE. in the US especially, it’s incredibly hard to avoid but it’s up to us to change the game on what we decide to consume. what manufacturers care about most is making a quota and if we demand alternative, eco-friendly packaging, they will eventually have to listen. but we all have to do our part. so this year i am choosing a wasteful habit to eradicate from my life each month that is tangible and easy - and hopefully give you some ideas as well! for this first month i’ve chosen something that i’ve already practiced pretty consistently but it’s always a great reminder that the small things can turn into 108 BILLION problems if we’re not careful.
@mybyta is my absolute favorite little mug to carry around with me. their mission was to create a travel mug that’s sustainable and isn’t super clunky and cumbersome as most travel mugs are. so check them out if you want an amazing and sustainable option to keep your coffee toasty & warm and help the planet too. πŸ’›πŸŒŽ #consciousgoodness #UptoUs

This β€œHere for you Always” heading out today. One of our most popular cards πŸ’™

oh, I can't even count all the cups of ginger tea I've had today, because I'm not feeling very well πŸ™„ hope I'm going to be ok soon. what are your plans for the weekend friends? #teaandseasons

You were in as much control over me,
As the golden moon over the raging sea.
Orion Carloto

My Calendar of Firsts: Week 3
Alder: male & female catkins, plus the crocus and snowdrops are beginning to peep through.

Going all out by posting twice in one day 😱 (that's about as wild as my life gets). also - 😱 is absolutely my favourite emoji, I think because The Scream was the first painting I remember studying in year 7/ that expression appears on my face constantly when I realise I am lost or have forgotten something. Does anyone else have a Favourite emoji or am I just being weird...?
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I still have to pinch myself occasionally to check that this is actually my real life. ❀️ SO so grateful & happy that my job is essentially creating vessels that will carry messages of love, happiness and companionship around the world 🌿❀️🌎

Things are getting a bit soppy in the Wildflower studio ...... β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ #valentinesisontheway

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