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Been there, done that. Not happening. 🙊

Off to go have coffee with a multi billionaire #nobigdeal #mylifelately #changetheworld

#mylifelately. Plus all the food. All. The. Food.

Silky waters and pastel sunsets ☀️🌊
#mylifelately #smoothsailing

This picture tho, I'm shook☃🎉 ps. One of my close friends has started smoking Fr and idk what to do😑 because I hate when ppl smoke. Idk what to do😑😑😑😑and she's only 13 omg. Bruh #mylifelately

Just came across this and it made me laugh as hard as the day we took them. Perfectly timed shots #kickedintheface #mylifelately #ouch


Been gone from IG but still eating food, so here's a collage of homemade foodporn for all the viewers.

So yeah ummm don't try to text me or call me for the next week... I'll be in Tahoe without a phone until I can come back and fix the screen on my new phone... #badtiming #mylifelately lol

There's no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let others be inspired by how you deal with your imperfections. 💚☀️🌴 #mylifelately #mindset #beyou

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