The most famous statue of a sitting man... because if he were standing his hat would stick out the top of the building. Joking aside, the entire memorial is captivating and a good reminder about fighting for the equality of all people.

I didn’t wait in line to take a photo of Rocky, but I did take this while waiting for a ride...

Statue of Justice John Marshall
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Spent a considerable amount of time with Panasonic’s GH5 over the past few weeks. As expected, it proved to be a very powerful video camera but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a quite capable stills camera as well. I’m not ready to abandon my full frame Canon and all my glass… But I’m getting close. Thank you LensRentals! #lensrentals #gh5 #mylensrental #lensrentalsdotcom

Yesterday Myself and my guy @geeque had our photos on display for @lilsweetchicklife at @citifield. Seeing your photos printed out takes you to a whole new level, wonderful experience and looking forward to the future.

🦅(.Raw photo)

When you’ve got the light, the lens, the time and the talent, you use it. #inthelight

Finally getting around to finishing some long overdue projects, including this documentary highlighting the work of Michigan Medicine providers in Kenya. Thanks to @lensrentals #lrinaction #mylensrental

New York, New York.

Giga coaster and puffy clouds ☁️ (.Raw photo)

A tear in the fabric of time.

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