He wasn't born for another 12 hours, to this day.... I told everyone (including my husband) don't worry...I usually give birth after 3pm. Don't come till after that, I'll be fine. I was NOT. last child, a C-section (never had one) An emergency one, at 12:43 Weighing in at 4.2 pounds! His Dr. Called him "mighty Mo" cause he needed no oxygen after birth. This kid was and is a fighter till this day. (Youngest of 4 brothers) Therefore named "the breath of life" Happy Birthday our handsome, smart, affectionate, loving, sassy, fighter of a pack. T-gang pack. I wish you only the best and the best is yet to come. #gummybear #gummylove #mylove #mylastcuddlebuddy @kahanutiogangco

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