Make the most of your WeekEND it’ll END pretty soon. By 3pm-4pm (WAT) I’ll be on to help wrap-up ur week on the best note! On 98.9 @kissfmlagos @lunchhourshow
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We touched down that side 😊😍
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Today on city cleaners we talked about proper channeling of sewage and drainage system. We advised landlords to ensure this is provided in their houses. Drainage channel is not a dumping place for waste neither are our roads d proper place to channel our bathroom/kitchen pipes as common in some areas in d state. Lagos State govt is doing allot for d environment through cleaner Lagos let's support them.#cleanerlagos#climatechangeisreal#lagos#sustainability#sanitary#lawma#moe#tamara#followfollow#oaps#passion #public#mylagosexperience#itesiwajueko

Some guys , it is pink lips or no lips...just be careful! I heard they mix carolwhite cream and some sh*t like that....
Yesterday this tall dark guy with Pink lips was walking, he noticed some women laughing at him....he hid those lips till he got to where he was going out of shame....
One of them said those lips was not pink but red, that he bleached 'em , lol

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Step into AUGUST with fresh confidence and renewed guts cos all things will work for your good.

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Brother M: part 2. How is the reading going so far?😊
Don't forget to comment below and tag your friends to follow us too and read..It's not easy to share certain experiences o..😁

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This was my TGIF mood yesterday not until after my unforgettable experience of an escaped brain washing on the street. If not for God and my small Street OT😩 it would have been a different story. Here's what happened, after I was done with a Client's Inspection of a Property at Ikeja (Yes, I'm a Real Estate Consultant😊), so I decided to get a new earpiece at Computer village which I did, on my way out of the streets of C-villa, someone starting Shouting Chairman &whistling continuously from behind but I kept moving cuz my name no be chairman 🙄. The next thing I knew was I felt a tap on my shoulder from behind, as I turned i to see who it was, It was a man, obviously in his 40s with scars on his face, definitely a street tout and up to know good. Next thing he said in Yoruba " Motin pe yin lati e kan nau" (I've been calling you for a while), then he confidently added "Alaye fun wa ni 2k ka fi saye weekend " (Give me 2k for the weekend), I just smiled and replied "Alaye mi o ni 2k ti mole fun yin oo" (Bros I don't have 2k to spare), as I turned front to take my leave, he grabbed my hands 😳as I turned back in anger😡 the next thing I knew was he started chanting incantations ni sha 😳🙆 saying "nkan taba wi fun e ni ko se" (whatever I say you shall do), at this point, I realised he was trying to charm me, he then leaned over and tried to whisper in my ear, with fear and anger I just pushed him away.As I tried to leave, he threatened saying "to ba kuro ni be yen " (if you dare leave that spot), I just turned back and shouted "Koni da fun baba e" and before he knew it I don JAPPA!!!🏃🏃🏃. On my way home I was just speaking in tongues and quoting scriptures, lmao infact you go fear cabashing 😂😂😂 till I got home safely.
All my life, I have been skeptical when I hear about people (even close friends) getting charmed on the streets, I just confirmed it yesterday, guys thus shit is real, people are falling victims.
This to Lagos, Stay WOKE😳!!! Have you even fallen a victim before?
Pls I would like to know

Am so overwhelmed by the love of God , he has shown me so much affection than I deserve. The reason behind this sweet smile , the only reason I still stand. He has added another year to me and much more will I see in his glorious riches.

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Who knows this place? Comment correctly below⬇

Had great fun at this park. What a nice and captivating place to be in. Free to enter and also free WIFI that works efficiently,to top it all. Lagos State Government with Great Works done and still On-going.

Big shout to our magnanimous and inimitable Governor,Akinwunmi Ambode. Well done Sir🙏🙏 Craving to know more about this park, LINK ON MY BIO. Check it out please.
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Shot By: @iam_adetolani
My badass personal photographer😉 [Check him out too. He knows exactly the real deal.]

Spent my evening at @smatmedia's #nollyfirstfridays. It was amaaaaazing. We watched @ogidantade's Out of bounds starring @mofedamijo. We had powerful conversations and shook tables as well lol. Can't wait for the next one 😁
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You have no idea how great you are until you get in touch with the person inside. @deejayflammzy the jacket ain’t bad at-all😊#bringitonwednesday #iamsheyiadebiyi #onajourneywithyou #mediapersonality #mylagosexperience #mylagostrafficexperience #brand #brandmodel #commercialmodel #entreprenuer

After the Otedola incident last thursday I told myself it'd take a while for me to pass through that road. So today I summoned courage and decided to ply the road as it is the fastest route to my house. I got to the scene and what I saw gave me the chills. No, I didn't see dead people, I didn't see burnt vehicles. If I didn't see the visuals online I would have thought nothing happened. That sent a note to my head like wow! Whatever happens life goes on. Nothing is ever on hold. Only the families of the victims would at the moment still feel the pain.
And then I remembered that life is only for a short while and death is a debt we all would pay. Moral of my epistle? Life is a waste without Jesus in it. Live everyday as it comes with Christ at the center of it all. Got Jesus?
May the souls of the departed continue to rest in peace. #blackthursday #accident #Lagos #mylagosexperience

Happy new month to you Fam ❤️❤️❤️
Welcome to your month of Divine Breakthrough 🙇‍♀️
May we never experience sorrows 🙏
We are still doing clearance sales, you can get your beddings as low as 3000
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Have you participated in the Lagos Hacks giveaway? It ends tomorrow.

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