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OMG CANT HANDLE THIS. NIALL IS SO BEAUTIFUL WEARING HIS SUIT. HE IS ART. LOVE YOU MY KING @niallhoran 😭 😏 👼 😍 👑 💋 😃 #niallhoran #OneDirection #mostbeautifulboyever #myangel #myking #slowhands #niallonbillboard

•La mejor tarde junto al mejor, TE AMO 💘🦁•. #myking #pizza

I don't remember how many times I found myself in the middle of a storm 😖, completely disoriented and CRYING OUT TO THE LORD TO GET ME OUT OF THERE. No more strength to pray , to open my bible. Indeed , it happens that we lose all of our strength and motivation. Many will even judge you , because that strong Christian is no more the same . IF YOU HAVEN'T GONE THROUGH THE VALLEY OF DEATH YOU CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND THE PAIN OF THE ONE GOES THROUGH IT . No more water , the pain is so strong that you feel like fainting. That faith that was helping you to keep on going seems to leave you , and everyday that weakness is gaining the very depth of your bones. And all that left is that whisper in your lung << FATHER GET ME OUT OF HERE >> .
I am well placed to understand a broken soul 😢 and how disappointed one can feel when thousands of prayers are not answered . The Lord says << Child , why don't you seek me in that valley of baca instead of looking for that way out ? I know you feel like fainting , I understand how alone and abandoned you feel . You have decided to trust me even if you have no clue about the way I will rescue. Why do you think that I have left you alone in this ? I have promised to be faithful to you. Since I am in you , and you in me , your valley is mine , your battles are mine , my victories are your yours and my joy is yours 💞>> . Flora will sit there , in that storm , counting on the One that allowed her to go through it. I refuse a way out unless He is my way out , I refuse a pain relief unless He is my medication , I refuse victory over my enemies unless His right Hand gives me victory .
Nothing is stronger than Him , and even if that sickness , addiction , war , that dryness , fear , brokenness , seems to take the very best of me ; Indeed in Christ I will find rest .
Nothing is deeper than His love , and greater than His power. Encounter your God in the Storm and See how He can be a shelter and comforter , a provider and fighter , a deliverer and healer😭
<< When they walk through the Valley of Weeping, it will become a place of refreshing springs. The autumn rains will clothe it with blessings >> Psalm84

iyiki doģmus ruhparcam👼

Cuando te mirè no solo me dí cuenta que tienes los ojos mas Bonitos del mundo, sinó tambien que tienes el mundo en tus Ojos !!! #teamo #couplegoals #myking #myeverything


#babies #myking 😍💛

Every King needs a Queen who understands & supports him when his crown gets heavy
#IGotYou #InThisTogether #MyKing #HisQueen #RoyalShit #Love #Forevvvaaa

The man up above knows exactly what you need. Healer, protector, strength, logic, foundation and roots. My King. Where you been all my life? Ladies, stop looking for a man. The right man will find you. #MyKing #EverythingINeed ❤️ #perfecttiming

Baby brothers the cutiest💙
#myking #myotherbaby

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