Proud mother 🤗❤ graduation 10th and 12th grades 👍
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Because my kids matter too❤
Teacher kids need love and attention too. The support they give with making me laugh. Sometimes they help cut out things especially when it's laminated. The bond we have in our teacher/student world.
#mykidsarethebest #teacherkids #theheartteacher #iteach

❤️❤️❤️This little baby has gone to Alton towers today without us!!!!! I am wracked with worry & cannot wait for her to come home. I know it’s silly but I can’t help it, I hate the kids growing up!!!! 🙄 ( swipe for more pics) #stoptheclocks #mykidsarethebest #kidsgrowinguptoofast #mumworry #mumofgirls #mumofdaughters

Sister wanted to try out this babywearing thing 😍😍😍

My oldest took his lil bro to Lego Land to spend time with him before school starts n he gets busy. I swear I have the BEST kids!! #proudmommy #mykidsarethebest #bestbigbrother

Summer food. Today I prepared a poke bowl with sushi quality salmon. #mykidsarethebest #pokebowl #poke #cooking #foodporn

More birthday flowers, from my kids ❤
#birthdayflowers #mykidsarethebest #lillies

Had a great time at the lake with these goons! Love them so much!
#lovemyfamily #mykidsarethebest #happyfamily #missmyhubby

Myas birthday party was yesterday. Can’t believe she’s almost 5. Making me feel old. Stop growing both you munchkins. So blessed to have such an amazing family. @queen.majestic.97 #mykidsarethebest. #dadlife #mynumber1s

I swear my kids are my world 🌎 .
It’s so painful to think about the countless amounts of times I planned on ending my life due to my own suffering but I never taken the thought of the hurt I would had been leaving them.
I for one have experienced the pain of losing a parent at a young age. I was 14 when I lost my dad and at the age of 28 it’s still painful to this very day.
Now everything that I do I do for them. I do to give them the life that I never. I never want my kids to want or need for anything. I never again want my kids to be without because we can’t afford it. . .
I want my kids to grow up having the childhood I never had. I want my kids to know that anything is possible if they believe and know that God will make it happen. For that to happen I have continue to believe in my dream and believe in what God has planned for my life. Is it going to be easy? No but that’s what makes it all worth it in the end.

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