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Muahahahah🍭 #myjourneytoNYC

Things i have learnt about New york City, A city where you Should work your ass off to reach where you want to be. A city where everyone appreciate their time because 10 mins make a difference to your meetings or to your life career. A City that can suck your soul out and makes you feel the smallest person on earth if you are not willing to face new Challenges wither they are small or big. A city where everyone wait for the weekend so bad so they can bear the rest of their working hard days which make them appreciate every moment In the weekends. A city that everyone hopes the weather will be beautiful in the weekends so they can enjoy the greeneries. A city that can inspire you in so many ways. A city where you get lost a lot. A city where thousands of cultures and languages exist and you start wondering which language the next person to you is speaking. A city where the real challenges exist. A city that makes you know more about yourself. A city where you miss your family. A city where sometimes you feel lonely. A city that motivates you to work hard. A city where you can be anything you want to be. A city where you meet rude and nice people and you start appreciate the kindness. A city where art exists. A hectic city that you will have a love/ hate relationship for. A city that can kill your dreams or start chasing after them even more. It's NYC. #myjourneytonyc #missingNyc

The crazy addictive city 🌉 @moamenzedaan
#myjourneytonyc #brooklyn

I missyouNYC.
#muwaha #myjourneytonyc

Central park addiction ☘🍃 with @samuel.black
#myjourneytonyc #SamuelXSalma

Sexiness at the Met.

In a Dream. This masterpiece made by @karllagerfeld House of Chanel Autumn/ Winter 2014.

#myjourneytonyc #themetropolitanmuseumofart

Stoppppppp🍭🍬🌭🚖 @moamenzedaan

And more of @moamenzedaan at Williamsburg ✨



Miss this place so much
Most of all I miss the feeling of being in the middle of the world
#blueeyestravelling #wheninnyc

Muahahahah🍭 #myjourneytoNYC

Gonna miss my perfect triple trouble squad 👯
#myjourneytonyc #bestfriends #squadgoals

They will either wanna kiss you , kill you or be you ✨
shot by @moamenzedaan
#photoshoot #modeling #passion #myjourneytonyc #williamsburg

Friday night in the city 🍾
Dress from @forever21
#nightlife #manhattan #myjourneytonyc

I really really enjoyed my time today shooting with the talented photographer and filmmaker @moamenzedaan by brooklyn bridge !
It's amazing to get the chance to meet different people on your road who share the same passion as you !
Can't wait to share the outcome !
And one lesson i learnt today " do the thing that makes your heart beat faster and your eyes glow when you do it , do it as often as you can , because that's what life is all about ; your passion " ☺️
#modelinginnewyorkcity #myjourneytonyc #mywanderlife #NYFW #dailytripper

From NewYork with LOVE 😚
#myjourneytonyc #newyork

People hate what they can't compete with 🌸
Outfit styled by me
#fashionaddicted #fashionblogger #myjourneytonyc #dailytripper #mywanderlife

Favorite mirror and @mattymish can relate 🐝

#myjourneytonyc #salmagoesto #nyc

#myjourneytonyc #salmagoesto #nyc


#myjourneytonyc #salmagoesto #nyc

Here's the first picture of my top recent photography project #HereisNewYorkCity #DidYouKnowAbout . I'll be posting daily pictures with the same photography perspective for Different places in #TheBigApple with a piece of information about them!!
Hope you like it !! #TheyCallMeAsh
#FlatironBuilding is one of the most beautiful buildings to visit and photograph in the entire city. Whether it’s set against a bright blue sky or misty rain.

It’s as skinny as it looks. The offices at the narrow end of the building are just over six feet wide!

Construction was completed in 1902, making it one of the city’s oldest icons. The Chrysler Building wasn’t finished until 1930, and the Empire State Building was completed the next year, in 1931.

The Flatiron Building is only 22 stories tall. It’s technically a skyscraper, but still seems small amidst the other towering giants of NYC. By comparison, the Empire State Building has 108 stories, and One World Trade Center has 94.

When built, the Flatiron Building was called The Fuller Building, named after architect George A. Fuller, who was called “the father of the skyscraper.” #NYC #NYCLife #flatiron #goprousa #gopro #photooftheday #myjourneytoNYC #manhattan #newyork #midtown

Stoppppppp🍭🍬🌭🚖 @moamenzedaan

I missyouNYC.
#muwaha #myjourneytonyc

I want to wake up in that city that doesn't sleep 🌃
#myjourneytonyc #lebainnyc #newyorkcity

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