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I am excited to announce that I will be scheduling some expo appearances soon with one of the best leading supplement companies in the world. Appearance announcements coming soon. Look at this #tbt from 2014! So excited to look at my body before baby and to see it after better then ever. The truth is it wasn't easy it was hard. Finding the schedule but making it work no matter what. Lack of sleep or nauseous anything to put time back into me. But yet making enough time for Bella. Truth is you sacrifice sleep a little but that's mainly when your trying to reach that look you ultimately want. Once your almost there you can pull the reins a little bit and make it more reasonable. But it still takes dedication. This doesn't happen in a week and if someone tells you it can happen in 30 days they want to kill you and or give you major health problems in the future, or your superhuman it can happen but not for me this took 7 months to be close to this. Remember anything worth having takes time. So stay focused and don't give up. #Vargas💋

✨ And what do you do when your #teammates are the #thehottest #athletes & #fitnessmodels in the #italianfitnessindustry 🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹😆😆😆 You just caaaan't wait to meet them all again!!! And even better 👉🏼 at the most prestigious #fitnessexpo in whole #europe 🎉👉🏼 the @fibopowerexpo 2017 🎉🎉 Girl, come say hi, have fun with us, get to know my supplements and make lots, but loooots of pics together! 😍😍😍 @valentinotozzi my dear let's rock it in #cologne !! #yeeahhh 🌟💃🏻✨ #partytime With @anderson_research @dailylife.fit & @empiresports.de #colognewearecoming #fibo2017 #fibopower #pocahontasonroad #renataifbbpro #overallworldchampion #atfibo2017 #cantwaittoseeyou #joinrenatasjourney #myjourney #mylife #mybest

Good Morning Rock Stars!

I'm really struggling being kind to myself..😭. It's much easier said than done. I'm sticking to my macros, chugging my water & killing my workouts. I'm down 4 pounds since Monday, but I can't help but feel disappointed. I KNOW, it's stupid & I shouldn't let it bother me • but please don't forget that I'M HUMAN TOO..👍🏼. I never share that I'm feeling down so others feel bad for me, I share it so others know THEY AREN'T ALONE in their feelings. & just because we feel down, doesn't mean we quit. It doesn't mean we give up. It means we work harder, because we're capable of being BETTER THAN EVER..🖤. #yup #goodmorning #bodybeast #cardio #5amclub #tired #postvacationfeels #sad #wah #iwannagoback #losingweight #fitspo #myjourney

Halfway to the week ... Do a halfway lift💃 .
Lengthen your spine and reset your back ..✨ ✅ place your hands on your shins ✅ create a flat back ✅ engage your abdominal and gaze to the mat.
📸 @brianasd @brisvision

I'm telling you guys- don't let these perfect selfies fool you! NO ONE IS PERFECT.
We all have a side we would rather not show. The only difference in these photos is the how high I have my pants pulled up 🙄
I have stretch marks, I have loose skin, I am NOT perfect. But what I am is so much more that all of that. I am empowered. I am confident. I am healthy. I am compassionate. I am working harder every single day to be the best version of myself.
It's so easy to scroll through your feed and see these ideal physiques and become discouraged but let's be real- happiness and health looks different on EVERYBODY so instead of looking at this photos admiring all the features of these "perfect physiques "- dig deeper.
Figure out what it is you love about YOU. What makes you HAPPY. What brings you JOY. This journey isn't about looking like Barbie 🙄
This journey is only ever about loving YOU. 💯


I've been MIA today mainly because work was so busy I didn't even have time to eat! I was so tired today I didn't think I could make it to the gym but I went... and OMG did I push myself! I had such a great workout! Now sipping my protein while I drive to see my pony and go for a ride! 🦄 #fitness #fitspo #fitgirl #fitfam #mystory #myjourney #fit #selflove #fitnessmotivation #motivation #motivate #inspiration #gym #diet #eatclean #inspire #beproud #exercise #dontgiveup #cardio #motivate #wlstories

Afternoon snuggles with this chick. 🐥
#naptime #springbreak

So I had a weird day. Didn't sleep for one minute all night because I had to be at the airport at 430 am for a flight to Charlottesville, VA where I'm presenting at a conference. So I never really had breakfast. Got to the Charlotte airport which is huge and has many options but I had to rush to get my tiny plane to Charlottesville. I did manage to get a few healthy snacks but I felt so weird from flying on zero sleep or food that I just didn't care about anything but getting to a bed. Got to UVA at around noon and finagled an early check in, then slept for four hours immediately. So this is my first real meal and it's kind of lunch and dinner. I'm gonna take the bread home for breakfast. I didn't get my usual sugary iced green tea, i brought my water bottle. Before getting here even though I woke up famished I planned out my whole meal after looking at all the nutritional info. Decided on a Thai Chicken Wonton Broth Bowl which is really good on this cold day, and half a turkey and caramelized kale panini. I don't even know myself. In the past conferences have been triggering events because there's usually buffets and I'm so nervous about presenting that I stress eat like wo. I go into vacation mode. I really pleasantly surprised myself! Now I'm gonna stop by Starbucks and head back to my cozy inn to practice and perfect my presentation for tomorrow. This is the most stress free I've ever been at a conference!
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Ibland bär vi på ett tungt lass av dåligt samvete... massa saker eller handlingar som vi tycker att vi borde göra ... men som egentligen inte ger oss så mycket ... det bara tar kraft och dränerar oss... så behöver du göra plats? Känn in i hjärtat ❤️ ge dig själv tid💖omsorg 💝kärlek ❤️#mind #mindful #minresa #myjourney #mindfull #mindfulness #meditate #meditation #medvetetnärvarande #Iyengar #teachertraining #beyogi #behappy #bestrong #bemindful #bepositive #beautiful #bestubborn #yogaföralla #yogaforeverybody #teachertraining #yogamum #yogalove #yogaföralla #yogatoallpeople #yogaeveryday #yogaforeverybody #myjourney

Today's tip= clear your environment. .
Use this tip if you find yourself overeating and feeling full and heavy after most meals.
Double tap if you agree! .

Went back for more #Goals 💙

Doubt sets in from time to time! 🌟Am I good enough?
🌟Am I healthy enough?
🌟Am I eating the right foods?
🌟Why am I not losing weight fast enough?
🌟Why can't I look like that?

Guess what, this is my journey. People maybe skinnier than me. People may lose weight faster than me. But it doesn't take away from how HARD I have worked to get to where I am.
Everyone is built differently and that's what makes you, YOU!!

One of my amazing followers reminded me of this yesterday: 'your smallest you, isn't your best you•your healthiest you is your best you'..💙. I was so motivated by my own results before my wedding, and coming home from my honeymoon I felt my motivation slipping away, which I believe is 10000% normal. Today I had the urge to binge eat, all day long. I wanna be my healthiest me, no matter what weight that is; and I know that means controlling my urges to binge, moving my body & most importantly, being kind to myself..🙌🏼. So while I needed some extra sleep this morning, I knew I had a workout in me, and the endorphins would only bring positivity to my day..👊🏼💥. THANK YOU GUYS, for supporting me through all of my ups & downs. I've never been one to say this journey is easy • but I'll always remind you that its worth it..🖤. BRA: @womensbest 💕 #love #thankful #womensbest #workout #losingweight #myjourney #wannabefit #goals #focus #yougotthisgirl #keepgoing

Went to work, then went to hit cardio💦💦💦😭 felt oh so goooooddddd😌🎉

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