Things are a little hectic this week but there will be a song- and it’s a fun one! Reverb will be coming this week, maybe not Thursday but definitely this week. 💘

This song came to me in a dream five years ago and is still one of the saddest songs I’ve ever written. Not There is live. 🕰 www.youtube.com/itssophiebear

This week’s song came to me in a recurring dream that wouldn’t leave me until I wrote it down. Not There will be live on Thursday. 🕰 (📷: @kylemacsee)

This pre-chorus is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. I’ll Be In Oklahoma is live! I wrote this song a long time ago but it’s still one of my favorites. 👸🏼 www.youtube.com/itssophiebear

I wrote this week’s song six years ago and it’s still one of my favorites. I’ll Be In Oklahoma is coming on Thursday! 👸🏻 (📷: @kylomacsee)

Your Side of the Atlantic is live! Another song inspired by a text message! I’m lucky enough to have been swimming in both sides of the Atlantic, though I’m partial to ours here in Scotland! 🌊 www.youtube.com/itssophiebear

Sugar and Spice is live! I wrote this song way back when and it’s been a firm favorite ever since. 💨 www.youtube.com/itssophiebear

It’s a day late but it’s here! Fire & Ice is live. 🔥 Full video at www.youtube.com/itssophiebear

A little ‘20s throw back for this week’s song. Fire and Ice is coming on Thursday. 🔥 (📷: @kylomacsee)

Helium is live! Helium was the first song I wrote this year- an uplifting one (pun intended) to start the year.🎈www.youtube.com/itssophiebear

This song is my own little “what doesn’t kill you” moment. Coming Thursday. 🎈

It’s about time for another happy song. Helium is coming on Thursday! 🎈(📷: @kylemacsee)

Hostage is now live! ✨ I wrote the first line of this song in the middle of the night, woke up and found it on a piece of scrap paper the next morning and wrote before I even made coffee. And nothing takes priority over coffee. Full video at www.youtube.com/itssophiebear

We’re going a little darker with this week’s new song.. Hostage is coming your way on Thursday. ✨

Cozy song-writing on a not-so-cozy day. ❄️

Downhill From Her is now live! ☔️ This song was inspired by a happy accident- a typo made by @kylomacsee on June 3rd last year. I wrote this one in ten minutes after reading that text message. 💖 The full video is now live at www.youtube.com/itssophiebear

Downhill From Her will be posted on Thursday- here’s a little sneak peek! ☔️

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