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You’re worth every penny baby 💕 #pavlova #vscocam #myigers #sassyyfoodgasm

This is an intermediary post, in other words before I’ve seen all yours and commented. Would just like to say this, I’m missing so many posts due to IG non chronological #bringbackchronological but also to people posting 10 to 20 pics or more a day on a regular basis. Please...I know some of you are trying to run a business but so am I???really, it’s not fair on everyone else. I’d never dream of flooding IG with my pics, although I could but you need to play fair #pleaseplayfair it’s stopping me seeing accounts I’d like to see and am sure others feel the same! It will be an #unfollow from me #myigers #myfeelings #cloggingmyfeed #missing #somerset #uk

Masala chai to end a lovely Indian lunch today. I like it that it’s prepared sans sugar and you can add how much you’d like. I take mine as is, without any sugar

Palak paneer and poori! The palak paneer here wasn’t heavy and it was easy to mop up with our selection of breads. I chose the poori and it was cooked well, not at all oily. Will come back to try their curd rice and other rice dishes.

Aloo Gobi, this was yummy too! I found all the dishes here well balanced and not at all oily. Someone once told me that the proof of a good Indian restaurant is the clientele. If it’s mostly Indians, then you know you have a winner as it has to be good enough for them to dine out what they can otherwise cook at home. Today, I saw plenty of tables filled with families. Word has it that the staff from a certain embassy likes the cooking here too.

Dal and aubergine masala in the background. I love the flavours here, nicely balanced and not overly spicy. Good for kids.

Butter and cheese naans to soak up all the curries

Black pepper rasam to chase away the cold and chills

Sake shoyu Iberico ribs! Still our family favourite

Salt and pepper Iberico ribs! Whilst this retained the natural flavours, I think we are all partial to the sake shoyu ones. Still, this was finger licking good.

Super indulgent Char Koay Teow! This was fried in wagyu beef fat. So sinful but so good. Gone in seconds.

I love how juicy the A3 tomahawk was on the inside and nicely charred on the outside.

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