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Good morning bpdaurhum fam! 🌺

Just wanted to check in and ask: How are you? 🌞
In terms of #bpdaurhum, I have a lot of ideas that I will share soon. However, for today I just wanted to share this quote by Maya Angelou that’s very dear to my heart. 💓 This is a very special quote because it partly inspired bpdaurhum’s tag line “Living. Learning. Thriving.” To end off this post, I wanted to list #myhopes for you this weekend.
I hope this weekend you:
x Show compassion to urself + someone else
x Surround yourself with something (or someone!) that makes you laugh
x Do something you’re passionate about
And finally,
x Survive and thrive.
It’s okay if you’re just surviving right now. That’s half of the battle right there! If all you can do is survive this weekend, I encourage you to celebrate all your accomplishments, whether that be brushing your teeth, or going out for a walk. You’ll be thriving very soon, I’m sure of it. 💪🏼 See you Sunday! 🌹

again, sorry for the spam, just trying to set out the new theme. it will calm down

I wasn’t going to post anything tonight. And if I did, a blank slate. But when I got home, at the ready, was everything to actually start building my home, its origins set against the night sky. I will stay here tomorrow morning from work to document its beginning. The testing is over. No turning back. A million pictures and emotions to follow (already apologetic and should have bought a go-pro!) The culmination of years of effort, planning, and frankly failure. The rise from defeat. The experience of debating with the three men involved in this effort without argument or criticism, just resolution. Support. Nice experience. Real men and artists all. Egos checked at the door. (Hope that lasts!) Maturity. The joy, the sorrow, the starts and stops. Learning, bending. The ends of things, the beginnings of others. Some things torn apart, others built. A broken heart, a healing one. Tomorrow something changes. A fundamental shift. I’m still falling, but I’m falling forward.
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