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😁 #โกสช็อต ... #ฝันดี #ผีอีเชน @chain_techin .... พรุ่งนี้วันรวมตัว #myhero 😚

Conseguiu salvar vidas até o último dia de sua existência #myhero #ripderek

Had one of the greatest privileges of my life today getting to baptize my dad in the Jordan River. #myhero #noonelikehimonearth

I don't see nothing wrong... 🤔 #myhero #getyourspimp #likeafatkidlovecake #yadigg #facefirst

Uykudan kötü uyansam bakarım telim caliyo...Kalk der,spora git,kahve iç,cardio yap,balık ye falan diye anlatır sürekli...Çok gülmüş mesela bi filme ama ben görünce kaskatı kesiliyorum.Normalde on saniye tenezzül etmem de o diyince sonuna kadar seyrediyorum.Evlilik programı seyretse oturur seyrederim yani öyle severim.Son dakika golü atip;"best actor performans"ları da seyrettirmeden yatirmam hani onuda:)Baba uzay ışte diyip hak verir bana.Kokusunu sormayın saat on biri geçti dilim dönmez.Annem var azıcık boynunda,göğsünde babam var,avucunun içinde geleceğim var.Çocukluğum bitince annem babam oldu bana...Şimdi ne seyrediyoruz diye sorarsanız onun güldüğü bisi iste.Neyse o gulsunde ben kurban giderim tüm reitinglere!Dip not:Bu nasıl vücut arkadaş!Memeli abim benim😍💙
#king #abim #myhero

With #vijay 😍😇 #Cinemapayyan #myhero


Bye mamaji 😘👩‍👧😘#mymumisonexchange #myhero #mamaji

@karatehottiemma you are such an amazing human being and I honestly have no idea what my life would be like if I never saw you fight you were one of the first people I ever watched in mma and And showed me how amazing the sport is I've always been able to connect to you through your fighting as I honestly think that you have the most beautiful style and technique ever and I always get so excited and passionate to see you fight but even outside the cage you have taught me so much about life and been this motherly figure in my life and taught me to love myself and to always be nice and caring to everyone but to also fight for what you are passionate about and to follow your dreams and to work hard to achieve them you honestly make me smile everyday and lift me up when I need that extra motivation or am feeling a little down I know I've made so many posts about you but you mean the world to me I'm pretty sure my first instagram posts was congratulating you on being signed to the UFC I am definitely going to meet you one day and give you the biggest hug ever keep being awesome you are the best and will come back stronger than ever wish you all the best sending you a massive hug and lots of love to you and your beautiful family I love you Michelle 🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤ #michellewaterson #karatehottie #myhero #myreallifesuperhero #legend #ufc #wmma #fightmom #awesome #amazing #beautiful #thenicestpersononearth #live #life #masteryaiyai #love #inspiration #motivation #dontknowwhereiwouldbewithouther

Hey mom you have a flat tire! Can I fix that for you? Why yes you can 😊❤️ #mrfixit #myhelper #myhero #familyfarm #localfarm #jrfarmer

Last post really tired all I want to do is sleep so goodnight everyone will post more tomorrow hope you all had a great day today 💟🌌 // when you look back at last nights pictures your thinking what the hell 😐😂 // THIS IS WHAT I CALL PURE PERFECTION AS HELL 😰😥😍🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥@neymarjr #ney #neymar #neyney #neymar10 #neymar11 #neymarjr #neymarfcb #neymarsbody #neymarsabs #neymarperfection #neymarlove #life #love #lovehim #myfav #myhero #myidol 💟

Near 100milion followers in instagram 💘💎 @cristiano #myhero #cr7 #cristianoronaldo #GDM7

My Mom. So beautiful, so courageous, so stubborn, so strong. She was brave for all of us.
I wish that you had known her. I wish that I have known her better.
This photograph is my favorite of us and one that I am thankful to have for it was a race against the clock for this to be captured and I will always hold it close to my heart. My eyes used to well up every time I saw this photo. Now, I gather strength from it. It was taken two months ago when they discovered that the cancer had spread to her spine. The uncertainty of it all was unbearable, but we ended up 'winning' that round. Although she was re-admitted to the ER countless times after that, her strength never wavered. She was strong until the very end and even called the last shots as she went out "like the Macy’s Day Parade” with red roses aplenty and with not even a speck of lint on her (yes, that was one of her last requests) and such endearing quirks were duly noted in her eulogy as well.
It’s hard to believe that she passed away a week ago today, but we’re finding comfort knowing that she’s finally at peace and taking it one day at a time. Baby steps, right?
I will miss her infectious smile, her hysterical high-pitched laugh, and her cooking. Still, we feel her spirit all around us-at the house as her dormant orchids bloom, in the kitchen as my dad continues the honor of nurturing our hearts and bellies, in the glint of his eyes as he recollects memories of her, in my daughter as she shares the same beauty mark under her left eye, and in myself as I am even more committed in capturing these raw, honest moments - happy and sad - and hope these words will provide strength for others as well. xo
#allthefeels #mymom #myhero #myrock #breastcancerawareness #documentarfamilyyphotography#makeportraits #portraitlove #portrait #portraiture #life_portrait #postthepeople

Love you 💘😍😘🔝 @cristiano #myhero #cr7 #cristianoronaldo #GDM7

You held my hand when I was small. You caught me when I fell. You are the hero of my childhood. And every time I think of you, my heart still fills with pride. Though I will always miss you Dad, I know you are by my side. In laughter and in sorrow, in sunshine and through rain I know you are watching over me until we meet again. #NowIseeyouinabetterplace #Myhero #missingyou 💔💔

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