Since I cant be there in person celebrating Midsommar, I will practice extra Swedish this weekend and watch Sweden in the World Cup tomorrow!!🇸🇪 Glad Midsommar to all of my family in Sweden! 🌸🌼🌸🇸🇪🇸🇪
I cant wait to come visit again!! #myheritage #AmericanmadeSwedishparts #sverige🇸🇪 #midsommar #gladmidsommar

Bratsos Family 🇬🇷 little girl on the lap is apparently my grandmother.
Proud of my heritage ❤
#Greece #hellas #ellada #family #grandmother #myroots #myfamily #myancestors #myheritage #Greek #foustanela #proud #proudgreek

i can't move this picture away from my mind. I respect this man 🙌🏿.You have to be this confident to rock and showcase who you are , no matter where you are or who is watching you. WHATEVER THAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT IS YOUR STRENGTH. so we got to protect that and stop trying to be like other people who are wishing and dream to be like us. I AM PROUDLY AFRICA. #MyAfrica #Mytradition #MyHeritage MyCulture #MyLanguage made me Outstanding

This document holds many emotions when you really ponder on it. John McKee kept it because he wanted to be an American, and he wanted proof that he was. He followed through with the process until the very end, even though he could not read or write. As his great granddaughter I honor his decision to leave Ireland. He obviously felt a strong urge to do so as he crossed the Atlantic for eleven long days on that steamer. I honor his decision but I do feel a strong connection to the land he came from and can hardly imagine how difficult his decision was.

Vatnevatnet..sett frå en ny plass. Rolig spasertur opp Panoramavegen i godt selskap 😘 #myheritage #vatnevatnet #utpåturaldrisur #dårligkondis #motivasjonsboost

Vestido de Jalisco Folklorico: Jalisco is on the West of México. The womens’ folklorico wear is a ranchero design dress with unmistakable Indian-influenced brightly colored ribbons. The dresses flow combined with the dancers’ grace and movement create striking and beautiful dance representations of this region’s history and traditions in México.
The people here are proud of their culture and their heritage. They showcase it front and center and are ready to share that with the world. In cooking, I often forget that every single dish has a history to it and should be showcased that way. Whether the influence is my Tex-Mex-French input or the millions of other regions that contribute to the delicious food we eat and cook. #beproud #vivamexico #liveamerica #ourworld #influence

2018-06-22 a little DNA Testing

I thought I was a little more Italian, but if you look at me it’s obvious I’m not. #myheritage

Happy Friday IG Fam!! #dna #myheritage #ethnic #genetics

Het vermoeden dat je ook van Dr Karbaat afstamt, maar niet in staat een dnatest te bestellen? Meld je nu en maak kans op 1 van de 3 kits die @myheritage_official beschikbaar stelt.

#MyHeritage #donordetectives #hetzaadvankarbaat #donorkind #donorkinderen #zoektocht #dna

Interesting DNA test results 😱 #myheritage Time to start a family tree and learn more about my roots 🌳🌷#iberian #mexican #southamerican #middleeastern #european

We may be on vacation, but we are still lifting and taking care of our bodies. Consistency is key for staying on track and staying healthy. I wouldn’t be here if I wants consistent in my training. I’m glad I have my adidas it to help me get through my workouts. Stay strong and look great doing it. #adidas #athlete #vacation #trainhard #consistency #motivation #fitnessmotivation #prague #czechrepublic #czechgirl #myheritage #veganprowrestler #vegan

The Tycho Brahe Planetarium is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the southern end of Skt. Jørgens Sø. It is named after astronomer Tycho Brahe. It was designed by MAA Knud Munk and opened on November 1, 1989. Tycho Brahe (born Tyge Ottesen Brahe; 14 December 1546 – 24 October 1601) was a Danish nobleman, astronomer, and writer known for his accurate and comprehensive astronomical and planetary observations. In the Dome Theatre there are shows every day. Most are narrated to Danish, but it is possible to have English narration in headphones. During summertime there are normally a few shows in English every day 🌌🌠 #planetarium #copenhagen #copenhagenlakes #dome #tychobrahe #tychobraheplanetarium #denmark #myheritage

I love the ‘surprise’ packages I get in the mail from my Dad - Trev.
A stress ball or 3 from a plumbing convention, an interesting article from the Geraldton Guardian (I get these in bulk when he comes to Perth and freakin’ love pawing over them and the Gero property guides with a cup of EBT in hand), jelly beans - totally random but they relate to a conversation we’ve had or something he thinks will make me laugh, cry or something I’ll appreciate.
Today’s package was the latter - a photograph of my Great Grandparents and Grandpa - the ‘Hine’ in my children’s hyphenated surnames 😬
Memories of a wonderfully kind, hardworking Grandfather (my Pa) who left such a wonderful legacy. My children and their cousins hear the stories over and over and over again (they can recall them all...verbatim!) but they love it.
Trev nailed this package 📦 - Thanks Dad.
#hyphenatedsurnamesrock #family #love #dad #hinebaston #myheritage #southafrica

#croatia #ftw my nana’s home #myheritage 🇭🇷 #fifaworldcup

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