Happy 15th Birthday -Avery Jude
My heart ❤️ Unbelievable how time has flown by, it seems just like yesterday you were 18mos old begging me to hold you and quit sewing, or sitting in the floor playing “winkin wogs” then on to army men, then on to “wegos” always so quiet but so lovable. Still the same child just man size and it seems your not slowing down. #myheartcanttakethis
As your grow, remember God first and stay focused. I’m not good at words without tearing up so let me stop and let’s just celebrate. Love you Jude!! #theBoss #itsyourbirthdayweek #ABigggggHappyBirthday #yayyour15 🎉🎉🎉🎉

#q: do you miss him? ————————————————-
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Is she not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?! 😍 #carterrae #dancingqueen #myheartcanttakethis

The sweetest part of this picture? The fact that their babies are wearing their newborn clothes. #LillianMarie has #SuttonMarie hospital footed pjs that was much too big at the time 😢 and #JosiahDavid has my favorite onesie that I used on #FinnMichael during his first month of life 😢

#stopgrowingup #myheartcanttakethis #feelsfordays

Bae said this would be fun Jesus! 😫😰#Myheartcanttakethis #RideTooooHigh #IThinkIJustCried 😰😭 #IAskedForItThoLol 👫💋 #sixflagsgreatadventure 🤸🏼‍♀️🎉

I’m having a mental breakdown rn I’m being wrecked so hard by JAEHYUN I CANT DEAL WITH THIS LIKE MY STOMACH IS IN KNOTS HE MAKES ME SMILE AND I FEEL HAPPY WHEN HES HAPPY WTF?!?!((how much you wanna bet he got a thicc dic too sorry my hard stan is coming out)) #nct #nctu #nct127 #nctjaehyun #deargodyouarehot #myheartcanttakethis #imbeingwrecked #helpme

💔😢I’m alittle emotional right now so if I ramble please forgive me. This has been weighing very heavy on my heart 💔since I saw some of the videos last week. Soon after I couldn’t stop following the story everyday and night. With each passing day, I would see pictures and videos of his short precious life. So for me now, he’s not just a headline or a story of another innocent kid murdered, it feels as if I knew him. I can barely see his pictures now without crying, so It was challenging picking a few without hysterically crying. I look at my baby, and not only I couldn’t imagine her leaving me, but then in such a HORRIFIC, unreal way! And then for the entire thing to be on video from moments before his peace was disturbed, to basically his last seconds, ...... I have to be honest, I don’t think, matter of fact I know I wouldn’t make past the night after that. There would be no reason for me to live, nor would I want to. And if I didn’t go right away, it would be to get and see justice, as I saw Fit!!! This has affected me and I know I will never be the same or forget the brutality I witnessed. Nor will I forgot his beautiful, angelic face. My heart is broken💔! For him, his parents, his entire family, my heart and prayers go out to them all🙏🏽. This is my therapy tonight, and my way to say goodbye and to go in peace my beautiful little brother in my mind and heart. You didn’t deserve this, and I know God will make this all right and hopefully your death will not have been in vain. And to anyone that has ever lost a family member innocently, or for being at the wrong place / wrong time, My hats off for getting Thur it and prayers to you guys as well. 🙏🏽❤️💕✨ #justiceforjunior #Godfirst #restinpeacebabyboy #wehavetostopkillingeachother #tooyoungtodie #prayfortheworld #myheartcanttakethis

For those who may be going through some stuff... 🤧
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