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❤After a 5 year battle, I've finally won many obstacles I had to overcome....... At 80% recovery i feel pretty lucky to be back in the saddle and I am determined to make it to 💯🔜 #MyHealthJourney #ChronicLymeDisease #LifeIsGood #Gratitude

❤️So much Love and Gratitude for my dream team that has helped me get to the blessing of remission....... Thank you Dr.Klingheart for being a guiding Light and fierce leader in the journey of so many that have followed my path..... #DreamTeam #MyHealthJourney

Sometimes the motivation is all mine. Sometimes it takes a push from a friend. It doesn't really matter to me where the motivation comes from as long as I'm working toward being a better, healthier me. #myhealthjourney #crossfit #crossfitmom #crossfitrawsteel

❤️I love finally watching things fall into place after watching them fall apart for so long....... #MyHealthJourney #ChronicLyme #invisibleDisabilities

I started my morning with a HIIT circuit at @eaglesnestmma, I love starting my mondays like this! After a week off, it’s nice to be back in my routine. And what better way to jump back in than starting a new preworkout. Thank you so much @totalnutrition_abilene for the amazing recommendation #myhealthjourney #fitsmart #stimlord #happymonday

Cauliflower Shrimp Fried Rice for the WIN!!! #watchkourtshrink #myhealthjourney #health #mealprep #healthiswealth

Work thru lunch - Eat Clean - at my desk 🙄 Drafting Nation Plan - love veggies - nourish mind and body ....in the writing flow - gotta love that 😊🤓🤓🤓 #loveveggies #eatclean #nourishmindandbody #myhealthjourney #firstnations

Small changes. Big difference. Not quitting. Keep going. Not giving up. Oct vs today #myhealthjourney #losingweightfeelinggreat


This was completely out of my comfort zone! People come from all over the world to lift with Coach Broz and I just walked in to check it out. If I wanna lift, gotta learn from the best right? My birthday is coming up and the only thing I want is a session with him. #weaknessbecomingstrength #goals #olympiclifting #thinkingaboutthefuture #itsmybirthday #doyouevenlift #snatches #cleanandjerk #myhealthjourney #myfitnessjourney #myjourney #momof5 #outtamycomfortzone #iwannabestrong #fortheloveoflifting #imustbecrazy

Do you know what’s in your tampon? Standard tampons are built with bleached synthetic fibers, toxins and fragrances that when inserted into you are absorbed into your bloodstream. That’s right, standard feminine products have you injecting chemicals into your bloodstream that can cause inflammation in the body which is a known trigger for autoimmune disease.

In an effort to limit your chemical exposure try out a cup, like a Diva Cup or my personal favorite, LOLA tampons. LOLA delivers tampons, pads and liners to your house all of which are made from only 100% organic, fragrance-free cotton in compact, BPA-free plastic applicators and THEY ACTUALLY WORK! You can mix and match your box between light, regular, super and super+ tampons for $9-10 for a box of 18. This isn’t an ad or any kind of promotion, I just love LOLA that much and want to share it with my fellow ladies! Check out www.mylola.com and get $5 off your first order today!

When traveling, I ALWAYS made time to stop by the food court at the airport because I loved Cinnabon. I would get one roll with extra icing. Yesterday at the airport I walked right by, with the exception of snapping this quick pic! My body appreciates me. I am on a mission. .
#watchmelose  #ketogenicdiet #pcos #cyster #keto #ketosis #healthyeating #potd #ketogenic #health #myhealthjourney #fluffytofit #obesetobeast #fitlife #beforeandafter #ketojourney #lchf #ketorecipes #startingover #dietaquetogenica #puntacana  #dominicanrepublic #woe #water #h2o #ketoon

Feeling a variety of emotions these past few days! Shock, fear, excitement, happy, Wow, even a little teary because it’s a venture my dad knew I loved and inspired me to do and I know he’d be ecstatic that it’s actually happening .

I don’t call this a career - I call it my passion ... Helping people live healthier, more fulfilling lives is what God has placed on my heart to do for 30 years! I pray daily for His direction & guidance and that has given me peace through the process! ❤️🙏🏼. His timing is perfect so this is perfect timing 😁
Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” ❤️

It’s Flex Friday! But, I had a rest day from workouts, so I’m flexing 💪 over my breakfast in my street clothes! Cooked brown rice farina cereal, Cafe Latte superfoods powder & coconut milk topped with fruit! 🍌🍓 It was YUMMY! 😋

#flexfriday #myhealthjourney #goodeats #progressnotperfection #realfood #imdedicatedtoprogress #only10daysuntilchristmas

Feeling happy on a Friday night! pretty happy with how my week has gone so far despite some financial setbacks. Spending the night working on some blogging and thinking about weekend plans.
My eating was good for the majority part of the week..I decided I won't weigh myself for another week atleast as I need to put the scale number out of focus for now 👌 there are many social events happening and while I'm not bingeing, having the extra cakes and drinks really affects my weight loss, it's no biggie for now 🤗 I'm feeling stronger and feeling slimmer in clothes. However I am feeling overly thirsty and a tad bloated from a home made pizza where I went all out with toppings (salami is 👌) 😂 hoping to get up early tomorrow to walk my dog, maybe I'll go to the gym later in the day before afternoon festivities begin 🍰 ☕
Also loving this picture I found on Pinterest, nothing like a bright image and positive affirmation to help on your fitness journey 🤗

Today was an extra hard workout day. One of those days where you just want to give up but you know you can't afford to do it.
A couple of times throughout my workout I felt extremely tempted to give up but deep down I knew I couldn't do it because this is what I really want and what I really need. 👉When you feel that burn push through it, not away from it. 🙌🙌🙌 And that's what I did.

Now, I feel so proud of myself and extremely excited to start my day because I didn't give up instead I knocked down that barrier and kept at it.
Have a great day everyone and push through any barrier that comes your way. 😊
#YouCanToo #MyJourney #LatinaOnAMission #MyHealthJourney #Betterhealth #BlissfulLife

Literally me rn. rg: @girlwithnojob

Work thru lunch - Eat Clean - at my desk 🙄 Drafting Nation Plan - love veggies - nourish mind and body ....in the writing flow - gotta love that 😊🤓🤓🤓 #loveveggies #eatclean #nourishmindandbody #myhealthjourney #firstnations

Spent an amazing couple of days up north in Lincoln NH with A Christmas Carol. It truly brought me into the holiday spirit. To the lovely people of Lincoln, thank you for having us! Also: whomever drew a heart on my car, I love you too! #lincoln #nh #whitemountains #achristmascarol #jinglebells #myhealthjourney #coldmountainair #musicaltheatre #godblessuseveryone #spiritofchristmas

To the man I never thought I'd deserve:

It turns out you came into my life when I needed you the most, even though I didn't see it at the time. You stuck around and we fought for eachother when we could of easily thrown in the towel and given up since we lived half way across the country. But there was something inside me telling me to never give up on eachother and I'm so glad we didn't. You may never see the amazing man you are, like I see you through my eyes but just know we will always have eachother to live life with. And it turns out we deserve to have eachother more than anything! -Your Wife 💗

P.S. thank you for the beautiful flowers! You will always be my man crush 😘
#newlyweds #armywifelife #lovehim #boxermomma #oregongirlinakansasworld #healthfoodfreak #confidence #PCOSFIGHTER #nevergiveup #lovethislifestyle #positivemindset #dounutsaremyjam #bodypositive #cardioandweights #gratefull #freedom #myhealthjourney

Getting back on track with a protein shake for breakfast, salad for lunch and dinner, and a trip to the gym after work!
#merryfitmas #myhealthjourney #gettingbackontrack

Genesis keeping our dear sister @_barbaraw sharp and thriving in the Amazon while participating in the first women’s retreat of the Yawanawá people in the Brazilian Amazon.
Genesis is nutrition designed to inspire personal growth and exploration, so, for us, this is perfect alignment of design intention and use case.

Water vs. coffee

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my coffee and drink it daily...but I have to begin my day with water.
My morning starts at 5:30am when the alarm goes off and I have my first glass or two of water in the first half hour.
After I get to work and get organized for the day, I go get my coffee about 8:30am.
Coffee is something I enjoy drinking, I do not need to drink it to start my day.
What about you? According to those I work with, I’m little strange not drinking coffee first thing in the morning 😁

Today I'm going to unplug. Enjoy the snow, fireplace, and make some popcorn. Turn on the Christmas movies, and snuggle my babies. Dance and do some puzzles. ✌

When considering things for your health, don't forget your spirit. My mommy heart gets most filled when I step away from my phone. •
So with that... until tomorrow folks! ❤

Beauty Counter Cream Cleanser...Have you heard of the never list? Beauty Counter has a pledge, that when formulating their products they prohibit the use of over 1500 questionable and or harmful ingredients! What are you putting on your skin? This product was received for my honest review and all I can say is WOW! It cleanses and removes make up with out stripping your face of moisture! I love that I'm not putting harmful ingredients on my skin! This product over exceeded my expectations! #greenbeauty #theneverlist #beautycounter #cleanbeauty #makeupremover #lifestyleblogger #lifeisbetterclean #lifeisbettergreen #beauty #beautifulgirl #beautygram #beautyblogger #glutenfree #glutenfreeliving #myhealthjourney#esthetician #estheticianapproved #holisticesthetician #holistichealth #holistichealing #holisticliving#facetime #myface #makesmehappy #makesmesmile

This is all I have left I’m so proud of myself for sticking with this I haven’t missed a day, it’s hard for sure and it takes me a while due to all of the breaks but heck I get through it !! 💪🏽 🏋🏽‍♀️ #squatchallenge #myhealthjourney #themsquatstho #imalmostthere

I started the Ideal Cleanse System this morning. I wanted to pick a day that I would be home in fear I would spend the day in the bathroom. But to my surprise it hasn't had that effect! I seen a HUGE increase in energy today and an added thirst for water... but so far so good :-) #cleanse #plantbased #healthiswealth #dayone #espira #myhealthjourney

NAILED my interview .. YES YES YES! Just one more step and I’M IN! I have to put a program together for the guy who interviewed me while being evaluated and I’m an InShape Personal Trainer!! 💃🏽🙌🏼. And if I can’t do that ... I don’t belong there so I GOT THIS

So who wants to be my first client 🙋🏻‍♀️

For as much as there's smiling pictures after you finish a workout, there's also this:
My eyes are tired..
My contacts are feeling dry..
It's been a long trying day of potty training..

I'm finding it hard to slow down this Christmas season to enjoy making sweet memories. It feels like I'm mostly just trying to keep my sanity. This is my FAVORITE holiday, and I feel like I'm missing what makes it special.

In this season of teaching big things to my little girl, I'm praying I can keep a heart of patience, peace, and remember some of these moments we just need to slow down. So tonight we ended in a dance party... felt like the best way to send my little girl off to bed - happy and remembering mommy knows how to have fun! Lol then yeah I #finally did my workout! 😂
#fitmama #motherhood

The best way to start the morning. We all have our rituals, and one of my favorites is making sure I get outside in the morning. Sometimes, just sometimes, the world decides to reward me for getting outside and gives me with views like this one.
What's one of your favorite rituals?

Photo by @sandraviaja in Cape Town, South Africa

I'm glad I decided to change my lifestyle with @numestarttoday and @tamaraskramercoach ❣️#myhealthjourney #pleasure #happiness #numestarttoday

Way back Wednesday/ We can do it Wednesday?
Anyway, here are some comparison photos from November 2015 to this morning!
I've been maintaining since the wedding which in it of itself is great! However, because of how I am, not seeing the progress I'd like gets me a little disappointed. This is when I have to remember how far I've come! The photo on the left was several months into my decision to change my lifestyle. Go me! #myfitnessjourney #myweightlossjourney #myhealthjourney #progressnotoperfection #progresspictures #healthyholidays #holidaybody

When toddler refuses to use the potty, and baby refuses to nap...it's this or alcohol folks. I'm currently choosing this...we'll see how it goes in the evening. 🤦‍♀️
#lordhelpme #alreadyalongday

Chilly 5k before working at the church this morning! 🏃 Today's shake was green! 💚 I've had a hard time getting veggies in, so I've been adding a cup full of raw spinach to my shakes. 🌱 Can't even taste it! I tasted the peanut butter I added though! 😋 💯

Protein!! Lol eggs and sausage for breakfast (this is what happens when you forget your food at home and eat what ever is at work) and I also don’t have my new mandarin green tea at home so I opted for Tim Hortons green tea 👍🏽👍🏽 #officelife #deskpics #healthychoices #myhealthjourney

This! I'm so very thankful for friends who thought they were risking our friendship to have an intervention. They called me out on my unhealthy lifestyle. They challenged me to exercise. They walked beside me as I started my health journey. That was almost 2 years ago. They are still encouraging and challenging me!
My eating isn't perfect. Sometimes I don't push myself during a workout as much as I should. But yesterday, as I walked into our homeschool co-op with the fear that the pants I was wearing were going to fall off, I was reminded that every little change I'm making is a step in the right direction. #myhealthjourney #crossfit #crossfitmom #crossfitrawsteel

Leg day ✅ I was wondering if I would even be able to get it done. My low back is sore & I’m not sure why. Thankful i made it though!! #fitfam #myfitnessjourney #myweightlossjourney #myhealthjourney #goal #plan #success #operationbuildabooty

Two dozen chocolate chip cookies for last night's band bake sale and I didn't even taste the dough. I didn't have a cookie or anything else from the sale, despite the fact that I worked the table. Even the small triumphs are successes. #weaknessbecomingstrength #sugaraddict #goals #gottacelebratethesmallstuff #myhealthjourney #myjourney #80percentnutrition #specialistinfitnessnutrition #weightlossishard

Substitute your over-the-counter toothpaste with this 🥥 all natural option.
Your mouth will thank you. 😁😬🤳🏼
Follow @mvmt365 for more healthy tips! 🌱✨

Because when you workout at home ... who cares what your post-workout clothes look like 💃🏽😁👍🏼.

It's been a while since my last post but I have been so busy and haven't had the usual time to document what I am eating or doing 🍎 My last weigh in was two weeks ago at 102.5, sooo close to a 10kg loss! 🤗 My eating hasn't been fantastic, but I am going to the gym atleast 4 times a week and doing any walking where I can. I have managed to maintain my weight but tend to fluctuate close to 103, not feeling bad about a half a kilo gain as it could be anything and really it's a small amount to worry over that is not necessary 😫
the temptations are running high with biscuits and chocolate around, plus having people not support my career change and choices i want, is making me emotional eat 😔There are 12 days until Christmas and I would love to atleast lose 1-1.5kg by then! Time to get my game face on and really plan what I'm eating to fit into my calorie range. .

Who doesn’t love an omelette. Here’s my version:
3 eggs + egg whites, combine with Tuna (protein) + broccoli (I used a tablespoon from the oil in the tuna in my pan and drain the rest) a little salt + pepper, fry on low heat and flip it over once almost done (2x servings) add brown rice or sweet potato (good carbs). If you add cheese, sauces or other condiments, then it’s not a healthy omelette - sorry! Guess what I’m having for dinner? 😜

Workouts from yesterday and today... just met my step goal yesterday due to the lack of sleep. I went Zumba this evening and did a few minutes on the treadmill doing hills. What you doing? Did you workout today? If so what did you do? The New Year is almost here.. Let’s GO!!

Nighttime is when I reflect back on everything that's happened. How was I in my mothering, in my home making? Did I take time to take care of my own health? Could I have done anything else to better my marriage, friendships, family relationships? •
It can be easy for me to dwell, feel like EVERYTHING could've been done better, but thankfully, I'm also a naturally positive person so I'll always find a silver lining. Because at the end of the day we can only do so much. Tomorrow is a new day to try again to better any and all areas of our lives. We don't need to beat ourselves up, but we do need to reflect.
#reflections #betteryourself

A loaf made entirely of nuts 🥜 seeds 🌰and oats 🍞
Full of fibre, protein, healthy fats, and flavour!
A weekly📆 repeat for me✔️

Not quite sure how I feel about these numbers. Weight went up. That's to be expected when your nutrition isn't on point. It's the measurements that baffle me. My waist shrunk slightly, which points to fat loss, BUT my chest and shoulders got bigger - my shoulders by THREE INCHES!! What the...? Can two weeks at a Crossfit box do that to you? Can you put on muscle that fast? Not sure if this is progress or a step backward. #weaknessbecomingstrength #crossfit #spartantraining #myhealthjourney #weightlifting #weightlossishard #wallwalks #snatches #doyouevenlift #fortheloveoflifting #slightlybaffled #donthaveaclue

I keep on striving everyday! Through the good days and the bad, progress is happening! #transformationtuesday #progress #beforeandnow #keeppushing #onedayatatime #weightlossjourney #myhealthjourney #healthylife #healthyme

"I might be 55, but the skies the limit now that I found Synchro Gold!"
- @alchemyoutdoors 💛

It’s the most wonderful time of the week... There’ll be ports that need changing. Medications arranging. And appointments on overflow. 🎶

This oil. Has been. A. Tummy savior. It is so strong - one inhale and my stomach is making music like a symphony orchestra. For real, it takes like 2 seconds, it’s so potent! If you have bloating, pains, upset stomach or so - try it.
What I do:
2-3 drops directly rubbed on stomach or together with coconut oil for a circular tummy massage. Inhale from bottle, diffuse in a lamp or take 1 (!) drop internally with food. I’m sticking with the tummy rub. Cause it works! #oiloholictips

What a year this has been!
So many changes in my life these past 12 months...so many adventures had and memories made—and I wouldn’t change a single thing!!

What a year it’s been!
So many changes, adventures, & memories these past 12 months—and I wouldn’t change a single thing!!

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