Your beauty your class your personality is what I found lovable. You carry yourself with such class I wonder if you are royalty. You are a beautiful soul and an angel. I love your work I love your page. And to show you my appreciation sweetie. You are my #wce😍😍😍😍😍 and #wcw😍😍😍😍😍 enjoy the rest of your day gorgeous @iamthedaisha #mygoddess #myqueen👑 #blackgoddess #womancrushwedensday #womancrusheveryday

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No one can describe how perfect you are! ❤️❤️😍 #mygoddess #totalperfection

Amazing day for me! I came back to Manderley after such a long time. Feel so grateful to see my favorite ones and some new residents. ☑️Banquo & Nurse 💗 so glad you’re there for 6 hours @garthisart (Last time was a horrible memory for me that you disappeared suddenly 🤣)😘 Bird solo becomes better and better now!! Woooow for you 🙌🏻 And new experience with this long-time-no-see cute nurse! Xie xie 😉
☑️Finally saw Maya’s LMB & Hecate !!! I’ve waited for days and nights !!! 💕 @mayatatanka I love your new roles so much! Merci<3 #mygoddess
☑️Emily as SW, which is a surprise for me. Impressive dancer she is!
🙏🏻I feel grateful, happy, excited, peaceful, fresh today. In this hotel, it’s not about a competition (there’s no medal for those who get the most interactions), it’s a space we can touch another world with all possibilities. ✨✨
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Comment what she is to you 💖
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I can't remember how my life was without you in it.... You're such a remarkable person. There's no one like you.. You've made me a better person than I was before... An angel was born on this day and it's you

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No one needs to know the details of your journey. We all have a story the requires no explanation. Love you, love life, live fully.
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#freja #mygoddess #myqueen credit:Lea Nørfjand

Life is always uncertain. No one knows what’s in there, but now my life is everywhere, i would just like breath and sleep and get all the rest i could. I wake up at five in the morning some days just thinking about my own thoughts and stare blankly in thin air. Not sure what I am looking at but i know for a fact i am in my own world. Those times i am just inside my head just thinking about what is ahead and you . #mygoddess #love #shareyourjordan #azraqwetlandreserve #life #lifequotes #mylife

So this may not be the best photo of us...But this is memorable one and yes that is me (days dad used to dress me.) Today is my mother’s birthday, May 21st. We’re exactly a month apart in birthdays. I love my mom so much even though we drive each other insane constantly. She sacrificed so much for me to have the best life possible. I know I don’t say this or show this as much as I should, but I endlessly appreciate you mommy. During the time in this photo we were having a booth at the Barryessa flea market selling Polynesian clothes, necklaces, etc. We woke up hella early not camera ready at all, so those are the best picture opportunities right? No dad haha. I’m always around my mom cause I’m stuck to her, but this was different because I spending time, working together with mom at the booth, drawing people towards the booth with the good looks i get from my MOM. Lol, but I get my heart from my mom as well as her beauty. My mom continuously puts everyone else before focusing on herself. She is always making sure her family is good no matter what. I appreciate my mother so much, especially with everything that’s been thrown her way. You are the strongest person for taking care of me, tackling any situation that comes, keeping a smile through it all. I wanna give you back everything you’ve given me, love, comfort, stability etc. That day is coming I promise you. I love you, happy birthday my goddess💋❤️. #Itsyourbirthday #birthdaymama #hotmama #myqueen #mygoddess #myHEART

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