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Kærlighedens glæde 😍💍❤️ #myman #mylove #mysoulmate #myfuture

No longer looking back. Only looking forward to the endless possibilities that are waiting for me. 💙
#liveyourlife #loveyourlife #myfitnessjourney #endlesspossibilities #onlylookingforward #nolongerlookingback #myfuture #live #life #grow #sundaymotivation

I choose you. And i'll choose you over and over and over and over. Without a pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I'll keep choosing you forever. I love you my darling! ❤️ #love#couple#kiss#hug#happy#happywithyou#mylove#mylife#myeverything#myman#myfuture#themaniwillmarry#marryyou#iloveyou#myoneandonly#cold#kreuzberg#snow#potd#ootd❤️

Das Schönste aber hier auf Erden ist lieben und geliebt zu werden.😍 #wilhelmbusch #love #myman❤️ #mylove #myfuture #happymrs.blindlily #fun #music #drinks #cheersworld🍻🌏

Aku tunggu di rumah Tuhan ya, Rut (tulang rusukku) 🙏🏻😇
#myfuture #masadepanku #masadepan #wife #istriku #cinta #love #heart #amen #rut

Him ❤️ cheeky night away 😍 #nightaway #myman #love #couplegoals #couple #cute #myfuture #selfie

I know I post so many post about how much I care n love u , but lemme just tell you , you’re my most favorite person in this world . We’ve gone thru SOOO much , a rollercoaster , a few bumpy ass roads , our ups n downs , but you’re truly my best friend , the love of my life , my back bone , my rock , the man I can always count on & lean on when times are tough , you’re my future . You’re always there to pick me up when I’m down . So imma let u know cause I don’t let u know enough cause I’m always a smart ass , so lemme tell u n the world what I think about you n a few reasons on why I’m so incredibly in love with you ; you’re handsome beyond words , you’re brilliant , you might not think or feel it n people might put you down , but you’re absolutely smart , you’re so giving n caring , always putting everyone n their needs ahead of you’re own , you’re the sweetest man alive , u work ur ass off everyday not just for u but for us n our future . I love u baby , thank u for putting up with me & ur patience with me on my worse days . I love u soooo much ❤️❤️ #appreciationpost #truelove #myfuture #myforever #myhappilyeverafter❤️

He told me he was going to Amsterdam with his roommate.. He sent me several close up selfies and general area backgrounds (to cover up where he actually is) for 2 days.. And then suddenly, he told me he sent an express package from Ireland, his laptop.. On 8th Jan, he told me he's arrived at Amsterdam and will be sightseeing so he will call me tomorrow, Tuesday - 9th Jan.. The next day, he texted me saying his package status is "Out for Delivery". Thankfully, my meeting was done and I requested a half day off.
When I arrived home, I quickly checked the mailbox but the "sorry we missed you" card wasn't there.. I was relieved.. So I texted him.. He didn't reply, so I assumed he was asleep.. It was 2pm here, its about 7am in Amsterdam.. So I rested.. And then suddenly, i got a call.. It was him.. But, it wasnt whatsapp call or skype call.. Its a line call, his Malaysian number.. "Sayang? Aren't you going to come outside and see me? "
I walked out the door and there he was.. He was smiling.. He was outside of my house.. I opened the gate and in he walked.. I immediately started crying.. He smiled and laughed as he got close to me.. The jerk was still laughing as he hugged me and kissed my forehead.. "So that's the reaction I get when I come home to surprise you.." 😒😒 he was laughing because I was crying.. Haishh.. 😂😂 Then almost immediately, he calmed me down and asked me to accompany him to Illegear to repair his computer (his main reason to come home heh).. That's how fubs came home to surprise me.. ❤

Last night, with his family, we sent him off at KLIA.. Pic 1 - had dinner with him at Pelita
Pic 2 - going to watch a movie at Summit
Pic 3&4 - At Sunway
Pic 5 - picking up his laptop
Pic 6 - yesterday at KLIA

Dear @femmyezzo thank you for coming home to surprise me and making me the happiest woman for the past 2 weeks ❤❤ I love you ❤ Happy Studying for this new semester.. Study well love.. #love #myfuture #husbandmaterial #surprisetriphome #2weeks #throwback #mylove #Irelandbound #2018

Selbstbewusstsein ist, wenn Du Dir selbst bewusst bist!
Das hat eigentlich nichts mit Coolness, Charm, Looks oder sonst was zu tun, sondern einfach mit der Tatsache, ob Du weißt, wer Du bist und was Du kannst. Wenn das so ist, dann bist Du "Dir selbst bewusst". Warum ist das wichtig? Weil Du dann weißt, was Dir liegt und wo Du hinmöchtest. Und wenn Du selbst davon überzeugt bist, dass Du etwas kannst, dann werden es auch andere sein.
Auf der anderen Seite: Wenn Du nicht davon überzeugt bist, fühlst Du Dich unsicher und diese Unsicherheit nehmen auch andere wahr. Was Du gut kannst? Das kann alles sein von besonders gut rechnen, gut zeichnen, gut vortragen, etc. über gut organisieren, andere gut anleiten, recherchieren, kreativ sein oder oder oder…
Was kannst Du besonders gut? :)

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