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Wishing you an amazing birthday my friend ❤🎂😙 Love you girly @denise5323 blessings from above ⬆🙏 #myfriendisawesome #birthdaygirl #rainbows #neverstopsmiling

#happyaviationday highly appreciate my real good friend for giving me such a great experience. 💺🛩 #oldvideo #myfriendisawesome 😌

WCW! ...when your friend gives you a backstage pass for @coastalcountryjamsd and you have the MOST amazing, exciting, memorable time EVER!!! Thank you @friendlyfoxy !💗🎤👍🎉😊 #coastalcountryjamsd #backstagepass #myfriendisawesome #countrymusic

Встречи с лучшим другом редкие, но меткие🕊 #сводитскулы #болитпресс #такржатьнельзя #myfriendisawesome

@baronjimena 👉🏼Acá hay alguien que quiere estar en #QLO #latonta y no tiene Instagram 😒 #Irene #myfriendisawesome

One time I asked Emily to go skydiving. We went skydiving. One time I asked Emily to go to semi with me. Look where she turned up. #myfriendisawesome

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move - Robert Louis Stevenson. I am a traveller by heart and have been meaning to travel to Leh and Ladhak for as long as I can remember. My best friend who is another kindred soul and a passionate trekker has been asking me to travel with her but somehow life always has gotten ahead of me and we have never been able to go on a journey together. However resilient woman that she is, she decided to trek all ALONE to these unexplored places. She is a married Indian woman and a mother to a 2 year old munchkin and anyone who knows India well would know what a big deal it is for a married Indian woman to go anywhere alone, let alone on a journey of self discovery. Not only did her very cool husband encouraged her to take this trip, he also played babysitter like a boss so she could be at peace knowing her family was looked after. She came back happy and full of amazing stories of this trip. And just to tempt me she sent me a prayer and a handwritten postcard hoping that one day I will walk the same path with her, which she valiantly walked all alone. #myfriendisawesome


You guys, you guys, you guys! My awesome friend @takomonkey made this drawing of me as a gnome and called it Gnaomi, and it is everything! She even gave me a cat earring and a master sword earring! Hecka gonna put this on my wall! #art #drawing #myfriendisawesome #gnaomi #gnome

#happyaviationday highly appreciate my real good friend for giving me such a great experience. 💺🛩 #oldvideo #myfriendisawesome 😌

This is my beautiful friend @kaylarenay_2012. She is now a 7th grade math teacher at Columbus Middle School & just finished her 2nd week of teaching. What a STAR! #myfriendisawesome

Was given a surprising gift that flew from the opposite side of the earth! #Biltmore #holmesbiblecollege #furmanuniversity #mamafriend #myfriendisawesome #missheralready

Me and davey ❤️❤️😍😍 #bestie #friendshipgoals #sexy #wererides #myfriendisawesome

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