Feliz con la nueva dotación de libros que llegaron para este mes . Gracias @littlebookmates
Happy with the new set of books that arrived this month
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#NoIgMari Said No Cap #myfouryearold Only Four Year Old I️Kno Dat Rock Citizens Nd Get To Tha Bag #bankchasers🏦🏃🏾 He Said If You Ain’t Tlkn Bout Money 💰 You Ain’t Tlkn Bout Shyt #YouThinkThaWatchDontCostAh100 #DenYouWastedYaTime

My #alienbaby is getting too big, too fast. At least she grew into her eyes. #bigeyes #myfouryearold #stopgrowing #rylee #happybirthday #mybaby

After over a week of being super sick I finally felt well enough for a workout. Had moral support from my broken #hubby & a workout buddy #myfouryearold you know what they say #thefamilythatworksouttogetherstaystogether

It’s been a while since my last post. The end of April got me scared. I don’t mean a bit scared, I mean scared for life scared. My boy, my four year old boy, got some massive stomach pains. And we felt totally NOT HEARD when reaching out for help(4times in 30 hours). We new something was terribly wrong, but one doctor actually said that he would be in a much more critical state if there where to be something as wrong as kidney stones or something. NO ONE KNOWS OUR SON LIKE US!!! Luckily they sent us to the hospital anyway because his urine sample showed signs of to little nutrition. And we where suppose to go there just to get them to decide if we where to give him nutrition with IV. And HALLELUJAH the doctor in the hospital took us seriously right away! And before we new it she got a hold of the attending physician before he left for the day, just to check his abdomen with an ultrasound. That’s when they could see that something was all wrong. His abdomen was filled with fluids. And he said that if it’s the appendix it’s already torn. It wasn’t the appendix. It was pancreatic infection!!! One of the most painful things you can get! And so so dangerous if not taken seriously. When we got to the hospital my boy just laid half a sleep. Mostly sleeping, and hurting... he couldn’t even drink water without having even more massive pain. So so glad they heard us and took us seriously in the hospital. They saved my boy’s life. After all the diagnosis in the end was divided pancreas, and is some of the reason why he got this inflammation so young.

It’s the second time this year that I feel I’m gonna loose a kid. Last time we had to call “911”. But that’s a totally different story.

Because of all this I needed some days before I became my self again. A while there I was scared everyone was going to die.
Now I’m back to normal, and I wanted to show you this great artwork he made outside! He is such an artist! He developed a lot lately! And he can draw the most beautiful things with shapes and color precision.

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Leo has a horrible tummy bug, we woke up in the middle of the night to him crying out 💔 I feel so helpless when my kids are sick. Fingers crossed he wakes up tomorrow, back to his usual energetic and chatty self 🌈 ps. Check out his @sephora visor 😅 the weather forecast for Paris was meant to be breezy so I arrived completely unprepared for the hot days and an emergency sun hat was needed. I think he felt pretty epic wearing it to be completely honest 😎 #sickbugssuck #visorsdont #visorsquad

Aria is really excited for the Royal Wedding (I've trained her well)

She told me "oh no i draw a circle instead, Harry can just be fat, he will eat all of the scones but Meghan loves him anyway"

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some vids from todays workout sesh!! Leah was def showing out! 💁🏽‍♀️💪🏼
my baby has been paying REAL close attention to the workouts cousin Adrian has momma doing, and welllll loookie loookieee!!! 🤣😍👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 she showed us everything she knows! I couldn’t be more happy or proud to have her as my babygirl! Y’all don’t understand!!!! “I Thank The Lord For Making You Mine!💖💖💖” ...I know y’all see her holding that Glute Bridge for more than what she was!😭😭 And her little dumbbell press!!! #BARBELLANDLIVEWELL #whoseyourpersonaltrainer #notimeforgames #fitfaminprogress #fitkids #toddlerintraining #startemyoung #fivepounders #sheliftsweightsyall #chestflyes #glutebridges #stiffeddeadleg #dumbbellpress #jumps #squatstoo 😉 #beastmode #NOpainNOgain #esssssketitttt #themfacesthough #shesamazing #mommasbabygirl #myfouryearold #Areflectionofme #shelovestoworkout #whatsbetterthanthis ?? I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! 😛🤓🙌🏽🧠💪🏼🏃🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏆🔐

Book lovers never go to bed alone. Also moms...or at least this mom! Note the robot sheets (not my hubs and mine). I fall asleep with my four year-old 99% of the time. I really try to stay awake, but he's so snuggly and I'm SO TIRED! Then my hubs wakes me up and I stay up late reading...it's a vicious cycle🙈! #stayeduplatereading
Anyone else out there with this problem? 🙋 #readersanonymous

Tuesday night dinner at hideaway - soccer - finished off with a sunset ride and snuggles ❤️⚽️ he needs a bigger Jeep! #huntingsquirrels #myfouryearold #raiseemup

To someone else this might be a piece of paper with some random lines, but to me this is everything I have tried to do with him so far. He thought he was making 1s and used all colours available. Amazing progress in my eyes!
He is not the kind of kid who loves to paint and draw but I encourage him to try these things because I have seen personally that it helps enormously in many other aspects of life.
#myfouryearold #watercolor
#littleartist #encouragingcreativity

So happy, so grown up #sethjames #myfouryearold #sameface 🙈🐒😍

Y después de la fiesta, las #chulapas se van al parque! 😂

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