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Details. #myfirststipple

After a very long week, it helps to carve up some plastic.

My EDC...most days.

Those who know, know.

Just some 17 love for a friend.

Working on getting that polish down.

Practicing my borders before putting it on a frame. I am still new to this stippling game but I have the utmost respect for the veterans and the pros. @boresightsolutions @flt_llc @jarvis_tactical @gnptactical @stippgrips @nafsolutions (in no particular order, lol) IMHO, I can't believe some of the trash I have seen from people saying "DM me for prices" 🤔 When I have enough practice under my belt I will do it right. I will get my FFL, hopefully a location or at least work with a reputable gunsmith until I can have my own business. In the meantime I will practice practice practice.

My first walk around a Glock!! 😁! Finger Grooves removed, blackstrap lines deleted, double undercut w/o texture, polished grip base, textured index points.

I know this is a pattern that is widely used, but it's still good practice till I develop my personal texture and lines. #myfirststipple

How I practice.

This new frame is stock AF! It's begging me to stipple the shit out of it, but for now I'll just submit to the #thecolorblindchallenge

8 years waiting. All we need is 3 Moore wins.

I like this new @bravoconcealment IWB DOS-L holster...just had to personalize it a little with a claw I had hanging around. Even better now!

It's really starting to feel like Christmas in Miami. Great game last night fellas!

So satisfied.

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