Before and after. We started grooming this little stud at home just cuz it’s hard to make him look bad. And he sits so still we figure the groomers should be paying us lol #myfirstbaby #chipperjones

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I can’t believe this crazy goofball is 3!!! 😵😭♥️ He’s the sweetest, silliest, smartest 3 year old I’ve ever met with the attitude of an angry teenage some days! 🤣🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ I can’t wait to see what the next year brings! I love you Ryker Ray. #rykerray #year4 #maybaby #myfirstbaby #mommasboy

Before I had children I had a kitten named trouble lol🤣 I miss him dearly! I love animals🐈🐩
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She is my everything now. I cant help but wanting to give her everything. She wants to sleep early? I'll miss out on sleep because I want her to sleep well. She wants me to talk and play w her while I clean? I'll finish later. She makes me smile when Im upset. She makes everything bright. I love you Annabelle 😍 #myfirstbaby #loveforever #mycupcake

I promised Karlea she could sleep with me one night while James is away. I'd say she's pretty comfy. These are some of my favorite moments. I never want these times to end. #myfirstbaby #mydaughter #sleepover #momlife #love #snuggles #cuddlesforever #couldwatchherallnight

I adore this sweet, fun, smart, talented girl! Such a great date night and the show hasn't even started yet! We're finally in the room where it happens 😉. #hamilton #myfirstbaby

My heart is so full...my little nerd nugget graduated 8th grade!!!!! 😀😳😀😳😀 what the whaaaat??!! Where has the time gone? When I first met this “little” guy he just turned 5 and I instantly loved him and had that natural motherly instinct. Now he’s 14 and tries to be too cool to smile and is taller than me! 😜 Cam has filled my heart with so much joy and I can’t even express how proud I am of him! I love that we can be weird and goofy together and I love watching him with his brother, Jack! Who knew when I met AJ that I’d be so lucky to have a bonus son like Cam! I wish nothing but the best for high school for you, bud!! #graduate #classof2018 #nerdnugget #myfirstbaby

High School, here we come! #freshman #classof2022 #timebestill #myfirstbaby

I can’t believe my sunshine is almost out of kindergarten and almost six! 😳 like, how do I have a six year old?! #dontblink #myfirstbaby #mysunshine

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