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So apparently my doctors told me to stop working out because well unexpected shit happens in life. Sorry doc, it's not gonna happen. This is one thing I probably won't listen to you this time. Yes, I'm that stubborn. If you tell me stop playing sports and gymming it's like telling me not to breath. I think I know what's best for me and my body from what I can feel. Actually I'm gonna head to the gym now just to annoying the crappie of you lol #myfight #determined #stubborn #gym #life

Belgium weather🇧🇪🌧🙈 #dayinhell #myfight #mylife #belgiumstyle

New Kit day @aminorip great ride with my crew!!
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2010 vs 2015 vs 2017
Okay, so this is a little 'past my limits'. I've been obese my entire life. I didn't felt good in my own skin.. I tried to be a fat-activist at that time and I was really like "Beauty isn't just about being skinny!! It's also beautiful to be big!! Why do people have so much HATE to my type/fat people?" - I was so frustrated at that time. But on the other hand: Being obese in that degree isn't ANY FUN. At all.
Every time I should change cloth I was out of breath. I couldn't catch up with my friends without being out of breath and sweating. Walking around was making me out of breath. Doing regular stuff such as cleaning was just so hard on me. I felt TRAPPED in my body... I couldn't wear the cloth I wanted because I didn't fit into it and I refused to buy cloth from +size stores. I was lazy and didn't wanted to do anything besides drawing, painting, hang out with friends (at home, at restaurants, cinemas- basically everything that didn't include walking or doing something active). I felt so bad. And no matter how much I wanted to be like "EFFF YOUR BEAUTY STANDARDS" I wasn't feeling good in my body. My health was bad; my knees hurt, my belly bottom was rotting, my spine was under much pressure, my feet was getting 'crushed'... That's not ideal or beautiful
I've written A LOT about how I started, stayed motivated and all that on IG 🤗
But I went waaaaay too far after reaching my goal (70kg). I went trough a 1 year long eating disorder which destroyed me... I was sooo afraid of food, gaining weight back again or just to eat like a regular person (no longer weight loss portion sizes). I was also afraid of the doctors would tell me that I needed to lose more weight before my belly skin removal. I wanted to go as low as possible before my surgery. I couldn't see at that point that I looked extremely sick and even though people always said to me "you're getting too skinny... It's not pretty" I didn't believe them. I was still VERY unhappy with myself. I was just soooo sloppy, I had NO ass what so ever, my thighs was jiggly and looked gross... _
I've gained 11-13kg after my surgery and couldn't be any happier ❤️

Ya no sufro ni tengo rencor, siento que no soy el mismo, mi vida cobro sentido, maduré viendo que en mi interior encontraba la paz... #mylife #myfight #myrules #life #fight #truelife #pic #picoftheday

A woman should never feel that she's not good enough, she should not know the meaning of worthlessness. Unfortunately we do, too often.. I wish I knew how to overcome this, how to make things better, how to handle those feelings of insecurity and unbelongingness, but I don't,.. yet. So for now I'll just love myself a little bit more, and I will never let someone else take my spark away from me! ✨
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Good evening, my deers (misspell on purpose) 🙋
To be honest, I haven't had a good week at all. To be even more honest, even though I live in great luxury, my week has been terrible. Now my eyes are itching from all the tears I've produced recently. But they say you shouldn't only complain all the time so I want to find three positive things about today. For you, so you won't think I'm just a bunch of negative thoughts, and also for me, so I can feel a little better about myself.
1. I've finally finished the voluntary texts for my lessons of writing with all ten fingers. Don't you even dare to think it has been an easy task - not at all! Since the beginning of the school year we've written 45 units and the voluntary tasks consist of 8 units. Every unit has got one or two short texts (2-3 minutes) and one super long text (15-20 minutes). You can imagine how happy I was when I finished the last unit without making a mistake 😄
2. The Friday people were quite OK today. Not as great as other times but good as well. The teacher told us a few sentences about what we were supposed to do and them went into her cabinet to talk with her African son that goes to primary school 😃 So the two hours I spent not knowing what I was doing. But my work ended up better than expected, we were illustrating some quotes which was interesting.
3. I spent a long time reading. Even though we're writing a pile of tests next week and I've got other important things to do as well, I just needed a while to relax. I read the whole journey home and it was great 😊 I love Victor Hugo, his Les Miserables is one of my favourite books 💕
Now I feel better. Have I nice rest of the evening and be happy - it's Friday!
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I am blessed with everything I need. I am working hard towards everything I want. Most of all...I appreciate and thank God for what I have.

Ohne Tränen hätte die Seele keinen Regenbogen🌈

#trytobeperfect #neverstopfighting #myfight #nevergiveup💪

#nationalsuperheroday Repost @ammastromatteo) "edges": [{"node": {"text": "\"The Other (No. 2): Amazonomachy\" (Oil on canvas, 48in x 36in)

It is finished...She is not. Her work has just begun. Be afraid, be very afraid! The Other is coming to seek retribution for the weight of past Injustice.

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S dubnovým Hostem vzpomínám na ten předchozí a ma Můj boj Karla Nového Knausgårda, který kraluje mému to-read listu❤📗 // last month I read an awesome article about Karl Ove Knausgård whose My fight I would love to read. Has anyone read it already?👇👇 #kniha #cteni #casopishost #host #karloveknausgård #norsko #literatura #book #reading #norway #literature #myfight #mujboj

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