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My must watch movies for Halloween! 💀🎃
#mustwatchmovies #Halloween #horrorfan #myfavs #horrorlife

we heart keller football always!!!!💕💕 #pinkout #myfavs

all dressed up for show! come see An Abridged Fall this week and next @ the aisd PAC! #myfavs

Together with you both is my favourite place to be Wishing you both everlasting love and lifetime of togetherness😘🤗💖 #karvachauth #lovethemsomuch #couplegoals #myfavs @aamnasharifofficial @imamitkapoor


Thanks to these girls for the endless support this season, and for coming to my last game ever. Much love for all my bffs 💟 #mypeople#myfavs#mybffs


So here’s the fam and a little more about me!!! Also check out our friends over at @little.buck.shop. They make the coolest snap back hats for infants to adults with some more awesome styles launching soon!! #Repost @wee_and_wild (@get_repost)

So on this rainy Friday I thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself. I’ve had a ton of new followers and supporters and it’s always nice to know who you’re buying from 😊 •
So this is me, Lauren, and my gang of boys. I have 3 beautiful boys who keep me very busy but who are a ton of fun and my wonderful husband.

I started sewing about 3 years ago because I wanted to learn a skill and make something with my hands. I took lessons with an awesome mama @rebeccamunn and that’s where my fabric obsession started. •
So Wee & Wild was born from my desire to sew, my love of fabric and making clothes for my adorable kids 💙💙💙 I really try and make practical items that will last you awhile. I know how hard kids can be on their clothes and how quickly they grow out of them!!! •
A couple more fun facts about me
1. I LOVE cookies and cupcakes (I can’t make it out of any of these shows without stopping by the sweets table to purchase)
2. When I was young I wanted to be an artist when i grew up - this is close though right 😜
3. I love red wine, LOVE IT, and I’m always up for heading out to sit down and having a glass (whatever I can do for a kid break some days)
4. Pasta is my favourite food without a doubt, any kind
5. My kids names all start with the letter ‘C’, it wasn’t planned that way but it ended up like that.
6. I’m so grateful for this maker community and the local supporters. I love chatting with fellow makers and those relationships and I love talking with my customers and seeing repeat ones

So that’s a bit about me, thanks for reading this far and thanks for your support. Hopefully lots more fun things to come!! #makersgonnamake #communityovercompetition #thatsme #thankyou

This is what happens when you ditch us @tsubstar #Myfavs #girlsnightout #30+ @missmayatula @missnonzi

The kids having Saturday morning fun 😂 #petsofinsta #chihuahua #jackrussell #myfavs

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