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Average And Soulful Thus Sorted !
Murshida | Begum jaan | Urvashi kiranSharma
I did not sleep all night Woke up went for my exam came back and wanted to sleep but couldn't because this struck my head !
You ll know how tired i was while you hear it but Couldnt keep myself from sharing this with You guys #Myextendedfamily#Urvashisharma #Urvashikiransharma #Begumjaan #Vidyabalan

It's a blessing to have a friend who is family 🌷my adorable little brother, I love you 💙#happyrakshabandhan #myextendedfamily #bestbrother #stayblessed

My girls & our boys #myextendedfamily #escapadarural

To my dearest @sophiacu and Kris, congratulations to the both of you💑 you just showed everyone that long distance relationship is indeed possible when you're truly inlove 💞 i'm happy that you can now begin a new chapter in your life together 💏 We are so privileged to be part of your wonderful celebration💋 Always remember that we are just here for you no matter what😘😘😘 We love you both sooo so much!!😘💋❤ #friendsforlife #CuGutierrez #perfectwedding #myextendedfamily #WhenGodwritesyourlovestory

So not only is this my Birthday but it's my goal date!!!! Mid December of last year I decided like may times before that I wanted to loose weight. The first couple of weeks I ate right and did the typical exercises and even began to loose. But is was my usual and didn't think much of it. One day I came to work joking with my co-worker/friend @tashajwashington about wanting to loose weight and how I wanted @this_is_srw to train me. I was serious and yet not taking myself serious. But to my surprise I received a call from him a few days later...Tasha had talked to him about training me!!!! Excited and scared (because I heard he was nothing nice) we came up with a game plan. He taught me so many things that I never knew in the past that made me want it more and push even harder!!!! When I tell you I was dropping and feeling GREAT!!!!! Both he and Tasha kept me motivated and on track. But unforseen circumstances, I wasn't able to link up with my AWSOME trainer on a regular. But I didn't quit, I couldn't let them down and most of all myself. On the search for more assistance, never knew I had a gym rat in the house with me, @romanjack30 !! He introduced me to what I LOVE ...lifting weights and a few other things. He encouraged me like no other! I became unstoppable. Not to say there weren't days I wanted to give up, cried, cheated, talked Tasha Roman and Katie head off about being too big(I still do they say I'm crazy😂) but I had come too far to totally give up. I really prayed on this. I've wanted this all my life...I've never been under 200lbs from a teen to adulthood!!! God used my Pastor @silky_slim7 to constantly bring encouraging messages across the pulpit that I applied to my overall life. Then he called for a fast!! Man when I tell you it was much needed and I was able to really focus on the things I really wanted in my life and the weight loss was one...loosing 20lbs in that one month!!! All that to say I DID IT!!!! I didn't meet my exact goal weight yet but what I've done I'm excited. What you see in the picture is hard work, prayer, and GREAT people in my life. I'm not done yet though!! #FromGreatToGreater ❤❤❤❤

Family isn't always blood, it's the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are and who love you no matter what.
#myextendedfamily ❤️😘

There is a point in friendship when you stop being friends and become family ❤

We are a beautiful family.😭❤
They say jab Sab kuch chinn jata hai tab bhagwaan farishte bhejte hai.
My life would not have been the same without you guys😭. @_hiddenartist you are my gem. You are the one who pampers me like my mum.😭. I miss her a lot. But you try to comfort me and make me forget all my sorrows and miseries. I love you❤
@manasa_sharma Ever since i met you, i have found immense respect for you. You are really very strong and you are a beautiful soul. Very very special for me indeed❤✨. I love you ❤
@anuli_peesara i love you for being so sweet yet sassy. You are a perfect example of beauty with brains. 😍 Without your support, i would not have come this far. Thank you for coming into my life. 💓
@_ibn_batuta Tu mera bestest dost hai. I appreciate the amount of maturity that you possess 💕💯. You redefine perfection and im glad and proud to be your friend.😍. I love you amaniyaaaaaaaaaa (mere guruji)❤
@mona_2910 You are a sweetheart with an innocent child's heart. We love you for the way you are. Thank you for always being there. ❤Never change for anybody. Be who you are. I love you❤. .KARAN.-heck of a sweet person i have ever come across. Thank you for being there with me in my good and bad. I love you too.💟
P.S- i was just being emotional. And this is a mandatory family picture.


❤️😇👍💕 #myextendedfamily #churchmates

Only real ones on my team 😎 they aren't true homies if they've never seen u at ur worst 😎💯 #ComeUpTogether #DayOnes #KeepYourCircleSmall #MyExtendedFamily #WeAreAllDrunks 😂🔥

The reunion...!!!
We maybe not in the same company but we are still the same family... our friendship remains..
#myextendedfamily #friendships #co-workers

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