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#myeveryreason Zion👑 Happy Prince day pops

the windows to my soul💙❤️👶🏽👶🏽 #MyEveryReason Happy Mother's Day 😘

Amazing food at @sushisamba with my Queen 🍣👸🏽❤️ @hithermann #myeveryreason

I was nineteen years old when I found out I was going to be a mother... I was nineteen. I was alone. I was scared. I was unprepared. Nineteen. I was a child... I wasn't supposed to be creating a life.... I was supposed to be living mine. But in so many ways.... in more ways than I can count... in just so many ways - you saved me. My life only began to have meaning when I was nineteen. When I had to change.... when I had to grow up in order to be your mother. I was so scared... I AM scared. You terrify me child. This love that I have for you... I would give my life if it meant that you'd be safe... I stopped living for me and started living for you when I was nineteen years old. When everyone around me suggested that I walk away from the responsibility... when everyone pushed me towards selecting one of the many other options that were available... to this day - I still don't know why I didn't even consider any other option... I don't know why I decided to follow through with this... life could have been so much easier... but it sure as hell would not have been worth it. I can't imagine a world without you as my son. I can't imagine being anyone other than your mother. You gave my life purpose - at nineteen years old - you gave me more life than I had ever had. I was no longer alone... the day you were born was a scary day for us both... not knowing what was on the other end of that operating room... not knowing if we would get a chance to meet.... not knowing if I'd have a chance to hear your cry or look into your eyes... you are so perfect child. you are my entire reason for existing... you are the most beautiful person I've ever laid eyes on... my life. my world. my every reason ❣ #AidenCamilo #MyLife #MyWorld #MyEveryReason

Happy birthday to the first person that ever gave my life meaning🤗... You, little Miss Mia have been the most amazing little human being to ever bless my life 😇 Knowing that I'm your mommy and seeing how truly incredible you are is such a rewarding feeling ❤️️ I'm so happy that you're MINE and that I have the rest of my life to be the best mommy in the world 🌎 Thank you for always believing in me... Even when I was wrong! I love you so much baby girl 💘 Nothing in this world would make any sense if you weren't here! Te amo mi nina hermosa 😍 #likemotherlikedaughter #princess #happybirthday #myworld #myeveryreason ❤️😘

Beyond blessed to be his Mommy ... I thank God everyday he chose me to be his Mommy 🙏🏼♥️♥️♥️ my safe Haven. Rilie Haven Keo mommy loves you more than life itself.. #myeveryreason #thereasonmyheartbeats #Bubba


the windows to my soul💙❤️👶🏽👶🏽 #MyEveryReason Happy Mother's Day 😘

Little do they know, the greatest gifts aren't wrapped or created...it's simply them! 💖😍 mwuah!!!! #myeveryreason #happymothersday #toocute #thankful #awesomeblossom

Beyond blessed to be his Mommy ... I thank God everyday he chose me to be his Mommy 🙏🏼♥️♥️♥️ my safe Haven. Rilie Haven Keo mommy loves you more than life itself.. #myeveryreason #thereasonmyheartbeats #Bubba

Happy mother's day to every mother and to my one and only special woman Nooraini Binti Abdul Rahman.. It is sad that i couldnt celebrate Mother's Day, Ramadhan, hari raya or even my convocation with you anymore.. Coming back to an empty house that is no longer a home without u..
But i have to say that Im glad to have you as my mother.. With nothing you brought us up, feed us and provide us with education.. Teach us to value knowledge more than wealth and make us a better human..
You had no chance to be a student, to be graduate, to be a doctor but Allah hav given you children that will soon be a doctor (nasuha) and now one of us is already a medical assistant (hakimi)..
I have no other mission or ambition but only to be what you'd wished to be if you hav all the chance back then.. May every tears that has ever fallen from your tired eyes on my behalf become a river for you in heaven..
#mothersday #RIP #ironlady #mylove #mylife #mystrength #myeveryreason #myjannah

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