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Soooo much love for this lady! Love you Chandler, so happy to have met you last summer. Happy that we were finally reunited once again! Until next time🌺🌈🌸🦋🍭🌼 #ZedsDead #Euphoria #MyEuphoria

It was our 1 year friendiversary 💕🌞🎶 #findyoureuphoria #myeuphoria

My festival fam! This really was #myEuphoria back in 2014 I believe when I won backstage access. #euphoriaFest #findYourEuphoria

Throwback to @euphoriafest look at @smallmoon_ in here element!! Such a beautiful soul #myeuphoria #findyoureuphoria USE CODE GOOSIEJAY42 to get 10% off your euphoria ticket!! 💜💜

Who's ready to get weird at @euphoriafest this weekend? #Euphoria2017 #MyEuphoria

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Seriously had the time of my life at #euphoria2017 😍🦋✨ #findyoureuphoria #myeuphoria #festival

Ready to take on #Euphoria2017 this year with these guys #MyEuphoria


Just gonna keep on 👀

Throwback to #Euphoria2017 and the guy in the back being the only one ready for the photo because Electric Forest is a month away!! // #FindYourEuphoria #MyEuphoria #musicfestival #carsoncreekranch #austin #atx #texas

What's the outcome when you bring together the chilling terror of the original Alien, the flashing thunderous action of its sequel Aliens, and the breathtakingly gorgeous visuals of the franchise's origins in Prometheus? 🤔🤔🤔 What you get is a long awaited and warm welcomed return to one of the most beloved sci-fi franchises in cinema history.
Alien: Covenant brings a refreshing feeling of newness to the franchise while also retaining the same nostalgic spirit of terror its known for. The cast is also great, introducing new characters played by: Danny McBride, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup and the always incredibly awesome Michael Fassbender 👌🤘 Along with the new cast comes a new terrifying addition to the Xenomorph family that will make you jump in your seat repeatedly 👽👏 This movie brings the scares, the drama, the visuals AND luckily leaves you with more answers than questions this time around ✊️🙏 DEFINITELY do yourself a favor and catch Alien: Covenant before it leaves theaters! 🤓😁

One of the stellar benefits of having a best bro that works at a movie theater 🙏🤘👆

Can't wait for the grand opening of Greg Martin Skin 🎉💖💫 #gregmartinskin #microcurrentfacial #spa #amazing #love #rejuvenation #myeuphoria #repost @gregmartinskin

There's so many things god has placed in my life that I'm so immeasurably grateful for. From the many privileges and opportunities that have come to me teaching so much, to the precious memories I've made with loved ones that are eternally treasured in my heart....There's only a few true things that I can honestly say that I'm immensely humbled to forever keep with me as I continue on through life as it starts to get tougher and tougher. And as you can probably guess from looking at the majority of my posts on my Instagram Movies is definitely one of them.....But there's something else on my Instagram.....Something that I adore so very much more than movies...... Something that I definitely feel I don't post enough of. My Beautiful Mother ❤️❤️❤️ @nursegregory You are the only person I know who just by doing the simplest things, can wash away all my worry, my doubt, my fear, and anything else that burdens me. You have this smile that brightens even the cloudiest, dimmest of days for me. It picks me up off the ground and warms my heart making me feel like the happiest person in the world. You have this laugh that is incredibly contagious to everyone in the same room as you, its this laugh you won't hear from anyone else, its the happiest laugh in the world. It just rings through my ears and echoes in my mind whenever I think about you. You're the happiest person I know; nothing that life throws at you takes away that smile. Its always there. And you have this tremendous heart that just continues to grow as each year passes that you take life by the freaking horns and Inspire me so much. You've been my rock since the day I came into this world and you've never given up on me....even when all I want to do is give up. You never love me any less than each day before last and you show me what love is and what it means, how truly important it is to always act on that in your heart before anything else. I pray with all my heart and soul every day as it moves closer to the moment when I'll meet my other half, that she'll be just as much a beautiful treasure as you ❤️🙏☀️ I love you mom. Happy Mothers Day ❤️

Not too stoked about Ron Perlman's Hellboy being recasted. It was especially surprising to hear all within one announcement that #strangerthings David Harbour would be taking up the bloody mantle of Hellboy AND that this iteration will be aimed more towards being comic accurate, walking the fine line between gruesome horror and action superhero thus having an R rating. 🔥😈☠️
David Harbour is a great actor so I'm just going to have an open mind about his take on the new hellboy.
Hellboy: Rise of the blood queen is to be directed by Game of thrones' and The Descent's Neil Marshall. No news of a release date yet but along with all this other fresh info on the movie I wouldn't be surprised if it was soon! Badass art by @bosslogic

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