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He's not a rescue. I saw him on nextdaypets.com 12 years ago when I was 20 years old -- foolish hearted and making some bad decisions. Three days later I picked him up from airport cargo with little money and no future. Over our years together, I've learned from him more than a lifetime's worth of wisdom. Friendship, trust, responsibility, regret, but most of all unconditional love and the delicacy of time. I'm a better person today, due to no small part on his behalf. I owe him my life, because he saved me. I need him a lot more than he needs me. Happy national dog day to my little guy, who saved me from more demons than I can count. 👱‍♀️❤️🐶Scroll through to see the earliest photo I have on him, when he was a wee little crybaby mouse with tear stained fur under his eyes. #nationaldogday#nationaldogday #whosavedwho #ilovemydog #mydogsavedme

🎉🎉Happy 2nd Birthday to the most funny, most friendly, most happy and most wonderful best friend I could ever wish for. 🐶❤
You make me smile every day no matter what life throws at me.


Looking forward to my new ambition of writing and speaking about how dogs help to heal PTSD and other mental health challenges. Let's talk about it. #mydogsavedme #beckywiththegoodtail #endmentalhealthstigma

We're going to keep trying with maybe making Nanni into a PA service dog still for a bit. Though I think within the best year or so I'll be looking for a prospect who could handle light mobility as well as psychiatric work. 😊❤. -
#psychiatricservicedog #servicedogintraining #rescuedog #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #mydogsavedme

Happy birthday to my first born 😜 I remember when you used to take naps on my tummy, balance yourself on the arm rest in my car, and let me pick you up and smush you. You were tiny, gentle and sweet. Even though your not as small you're still the sweetest most gentle pup there is! I love you so much my fur baby. You bring so much joy to my life and I knew u were mine the moment I saw you. Here's to year 6, and a lot more years to come. Can't wait till you meet your tiny human sibling. #adoptdontshop #mydogsavedme #roxy #bordercollielabmix #dogsofinstagram

What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs ❤️🐾 #pitbulladvocate #mydogsavedme #deezel #pitbullsofinstagram

Some people don't understand why my dogs mean so much to me. That's ok. My dogs do. ❣️🐶🐶
If you like shopping for a cause please visit the link in our bio and take a look at our #collaboration with the amazing @bulloveandfriends 🙏🏻🐶❣️
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I can't believe how long we've been in each other's lives. I sat and just reminiscent last nignt, stating at her. Going over the past and preparing for the future.
#lovesac #pitbulllove #mydogsavedme


Crying on the sofa and this girl jumps up for a cuddle and kisses. She's amazing! Today is a difficult day already. Going to a gig tonight with my dad though, so hopefully the day will end much better! #mydaughterhaspaws #mydogsavedme #dogsofinstgram #dogsarelife #adoptdontshop #chronicillness #chronicpain

Had a lovely walk with my girl today! 💙 Having a really tough October, with my pain levels out of control and the unrelenting fevers, but I'm glad I found the energy to walk in with woods today with my best friend. 💜
#chronicpain #dogsarefamily #dogsofig #chronicillness #mydaughterhaspaws #mydogsavedme #dogwalk #livingtheimpossible #rspcadog #mctd #welshcollie #adoptdontshop

When my world feels like it’s caving in, I remember how blessed I am to have moments like these every day. In this shot, I am explaining to Shepie that this rock face that pinches into darkness is nothing to be afraid of, and that he can come close and investigate with me by his side. I think of the irony of that, because that is exactly what Shepie does for me every day! During a panic attack this week, I laid on the floor losing touch with reality and Shepie came to me, licked my face, and tugged on the arm of my sweater until I sat up. He sat on my lap and gave me kisses until I said “good boy, Mama loves you”, and got up. He followed me at my feet the rest of the night. My sweet boy has held me up this week and I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude for his life❤️ Hug your furry friend close, they are special beyond measure.
SHEPIE15 @muttpackoutfitters
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Someone found his squeaky toy, or he had help, 😂. Bruiser my fur baby, who saved me. A trip to Walmart turned into a trip to the local humane society. At 8 weeks old he stole my heart ❤️. Now 8 years later he’s the other man in my life. #furbaby#poundpuppy#mydogsavedme

My sweet girl has been quite cuddly these last few days. She doesn't often sit on us for fuss, but she's loving it at the moment. My Thand always makes me smile. #welshcollie #rspcadog #dogsofinstgram #dogsarelife #dogsarefamily #adoptdontshop #mydaughterhaspaws #mydogsavedme

Duncan snoring. You are welcome. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#dogsmakelifebetter #dogsofinstagram #pomeranian #mydogsavedme #mybestfriendisadog

My babes. Thanders and The Boy. TT and the BFB. The Fox and the Badger. Huskers and Rufflepuff. Snaggletooth and Trufflesnout. #adoptdontshop #furbabies #dogsofinstgram #dogsarelife #dogsarefamily #dogsofig #romaniandog #tripawd #welshcollie #dognicknames #mydogsavedme

Our sweet girl had a heart scan today. Thankfully no fluid was found or anything scary like tumours, but we did discover the beginnings of heart disease, so she will be starting medication tomorrow to hopefully stop that, and her murmur, worsening.

I have had a brick of blades on my chest all day, worrying about her. Seriously, proper chest pain. People say to me, 'you wait until you've got kids, and you'll know worry' but they don't understand, she's my daughter. My whole world stopped for a moment when the vet rang to let us know what was found.

We picked her up as soon as we could, and she was still pretty out of it (but only sedation, my girl was good and didn't need anaesthetic!). She is now fast asleep next to her brother, beside our bed. I love her so much, and we will do everything in our power to help her live as long and healthy as possible.

#thandi #furbaby #welshcollie #rspcadog #dogsarefamily #dogsofig #mydaughterhaspaws #adoptdontshop #sedateddog #mydogsavedme

I've always been a cat person but over the course of the last year, this little shelter mutt has been an absolute God-send. There were some rough days late last winter where he was the sole reason I got out of bed in the morning and I really don't think I've had made it through without him. Every day with my pup is happier and more full of life than it would otherwise be and I can only hope he outlives me. Happy Gotcha Day to my wing-eared, dopey tongued, shadow chasing, bright eyed, wiggle butt shelter mutt, Leonard Graham! #instadog #happygotchaday #adoptdontshop #LeoG #mydogsavedme #purebredsheltermutt

My super dog❤ today, tomorrow and Wednesday are very stressful days for me, and this girl has been on point so far. Subtlety keeping me grounded and alerting to high stress. Can't wait to have her harness so she can start working on more PA! ❤
#servicedog #psychiatricservicedog #rescuedog #mydogsavedme #bordercollie #dogmom

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