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Dads funeral was yesterday, almost 16000km away from me, and even though I wasn’t there, I still feel a bit more peaceful in my soul today.
And I wanted to thank you, my dear friends from near and far, so much for the love you gave when we, my brothers and I, shared with you that he had passed: I was reading your beautiful comments, smiling and crying at the same time. They were like much needed warm hugs, and I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.
It is terribly sad to know that we have lost him, and I miss him so so much I can’t even mention it without feeling that lump in my throat grow and the tears pressing on. But, I feel him here and there is comfort in that and knowing him, how he was all for celebrating the life lived rather than mourning the time lost, I will smile and laugh as much and as often as I can, in loving memory of. For if there was one thing my dad was, it was positive. An eternal optimist. Always smiling and laughing. And he had an amazing ability to make people smile all around him. So I will smile for you pappa. From now until forever ❤️ I love you 🕊✨ #fwcgrandpa
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I would not have been able to meet any of these people if it wasn't for my Dad. His generosity and kindness has taught me a lot these last few years, I'd like to wish him a very Happy Birthday today! Have a good one Dad, you deserve it. #happybirthday #dad #58yearsyoung #myhero #myrolemodel #mydad

Happy birthday to our captain Bob 🎉🎂❤️ #mydad #grandchildren #seaman

Happy Birthday Old Man!!!! The one I’ve always looked up to and could count on since I came into this world.
I am because you are. You’ve given me so much 🙏🏾 I am forever grateful
My hero, you always have been and always will be. I pray everyday that God continues to watch over you and your life! I will never stop learning from you & striving to be even half the man you have been to me & our family.

Love you Dad! Happy Birthday ❤️

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Happy Birthday Gandy! #mydad

Quando hai un papà burlone..😂❤️
#mymom #mydad #myloves

Verdens beste pappa😍❤ Sommerferien med mamma og pappa på besøk bare flyr av sted. Ulempen med å bo i utlandet er savnet til familien og venner i Norge❤ Heldigvis får vi mye besøk,men savnet er alltid der i hverdagen, noen ganger mer enn andre 💙
#hjemlengsel #savn #missyou #livingabroad #familie #mipadre #pappaenmin #mydad #loveyou

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