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Beautiful Cake Topper for little Layla!. 😍

Do your homework tonight!! When you sign up for the It Goes Down In The DMs Masterclass, you’ll get this class to watch immediately, so make sure you do your homework. Let me know if you have any questions.

We are really stocked up with all the great onya products..ruck sacks..bags..produce bags..food wraps..and lots more sustainable living items

Since it's Friday and I'm "new" around here, thought I'd partake in a little Friday intro. So here goes nothing: 👋🏻 I’m Michelle, owner and designer behind M|J Creative and INTJ to a T. I knew from a very early age that I wanted to own my own design business. So much so that I got my undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship...way before it was the cool thing to do. Seriously, people thought I was legit crazy when I told them my major. So I started telling people I was just a Business major 🙈 What can I say, I’ve never been one to follow the crowd.
For most of my life I thought that design business of my childhood dreams would be an interior design or architecture firm, but after several years as an urban designer, life threw me a curve ball and took me down the path of web design. Funny thing is it turns out there are a lot of similarities between designing cities and designing websites and I love computer code way more than zoning codes 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hey YEG! I’m at the @makeitshow all weekend long! Come say hi and meet some amazing local makers! Here until 9pm today, Sat 10-6pm and Sun 11-5pm. 😊

Guilty - I swear a lot ... I don’t know if this came from my “I’m a good girl on the outside but have a little rebel on the inside” feeling growing up... or just being so damn passionate about a lot of things that I think words don’t do feelings justice ... so I choose some and they don’t sound the best ☺️😆. -
I still remember when I dropped the F bomb in front of my mom, I was probably in college though- so not THAT crazy.. maybe high school? Yeah I was scared. And ashamed. But now @expandinghearts knows it doesn’t mean offense it’s just my expression of intensity. 😉 I REALLY can curb it around kids tho at work - it takes being extra mindful. 😬

Le fameux logo comme photo de profil Instagram... ce que j’en pense? Je ne recommande pas du tout! 😐
En plus d’être impersonnel et de ne pas vous aider à vous démarquer, un simple logo est beaucoup moins attirant qu’un visage souriant. La concurrence est féroce sur Instagram, avoir une photo de profil humaine et creative vous aidera à vous distinguer!
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🌓 W a x i n g H a l f M o o n 🔮 Reconnect with your dreams during this Cancer ♋️ half moon. Release any sources of tension + ground yourself. Take quiet moments to connect to inner guidance + remember the cosmic connection between all things. The Blank Rune suggests fate+destiny at work, often calling us to trust our intuition + take a leap of faith. Allow yourself to slow down long enough to enjoy nourishing connections with kindred spirits; this will keep you grounded if you feel overwhelmed. Remember that your dreams are your own, no one else's. However, sharing the authentic expression of your dreams with others is a beautiful+fulfilling thing. The Blank Rune can portend endings. You might feel called to lay certain things to rest now so new things can take form in their place. Your dreams might be shifting+changing as you bring them to life. You could be undergoing deep changes, too. Bat is a symbol of rebirth + can be called upon as a spirit animal during such times. The medicine of bat helps guide us through transformation, shedding deeply-ingrained beliefs about ourselves. Meanwhile, long-buried parts of ourselves can be reborn. Connecting to the earth's womb-like energy as a grounding+healing practice is part of Bat medicine. If things are confusing+painful for you lately, consider the possibility that you are being initiated+prepared for a rebirth, undergoing a profound healing process. This would be a potent time to perform a ritual of release. Even better if you share your ritual with others who could benefit from it, too.

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Today I was successful because I ... completed a huge project I have been working on for weeks! What are your successes?

I am sooooo excited for this Live Expert Interview next Monday, March 26, at 3 pm EST with Lori Smashnuk Leduc, Master Groomer, on How to Soothe your Furry Family Member with Reiki 🐾🙏
Lori is definitely your go-to girl when it come to anything dog related. If you have a dog, you won't want to miss this!
Link to the page interview: fb.me/CentreNaturalHealing

Working hard or hardly working? It's Friday and very close to quitting time AND next week is spring break for much of Oregon. To inspire you to get your "lean on" here is our amazingly talented web designer, blogger, project manager, clay plasterer, man of so many talents, who also can sometimes be found playing in his band. We love you Alec! Everyone please have a safe and fabulous weekend. If you are traveling be careful and if you are staying home, hold tight to your loved ones. Be thankful, we are all very blessed. ⠀

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Ready to show some love to 5 more amazing women who inspire you? It's #LadyBossFriday and if you've missed my previous Friday posts, check out my highlight to find out more about the Women in Biz Appreciation Month.

It's my humble way of celebrating the women who have inspired me, encouraging you to do the same. Because celebrating women shouldn't be happening only on #InternationalWomensDay. 😊 Don't you think?
🎀 @vcmasterminds
I finally got what masterminds were all about after taking Bunny's Free Mastermind Course. Focusing on making a positive impact through your biz + fusing elements of personal development, if there's anyone who lives and breathes mastermind groups, that's Bunny!
🎀 @adriennedorison
Business strategy and running a profitable business that gives back to the world are only 2 good reasons to follow Adrienne. The other ones? Her authenticity, thought-provoking captions + insights, and her adorable Bernese mountain dog, Church – obviously!
🎀 @hilaryrushford
The one person I have endless respect for when it comes to style and running your biz with class + integrity, that would be Hilary. She empowers you to think beyond fashion or business trends, creating a personal style + business you feel comfortable showing and telling everyone about.
🎀 @addabjork
Founder of @skillcrush and a constant source of inspiration to women who want to get into tech, Adda empowers you to create a life on your terms and discover a career that opens so many doors to new possibilities, even if you're not the techy type (or don't necessarily want to work from home).
🎀 @copyhackers
Joanna Wiebe is easily my personal superhero in the copywriting world, and probably the one that made me see copywriting for what it truly is and follow on that path. If you want to improve your copy-chops and learn from the best, check her out on twitter + start taking notes!
✨Know a fellow ladypreneur who totally deserves some love + appreciation? Tag her in the comments below or create your own post using #LadyBossFriday to join the initiative!✨

This kid...
Christina here. This Amy chick. She’s a star:
▪️blowing minds at @clickawayconference a few weeks ago
▪️capturing hearts at @thefamilynarrative last week
▪️her first Life:Unmade e-course starting next week
▪️our first workshop on April 17
▪️bringing @thefamilynarrative to Australia in August
I just ride on her goddamn coattails-of-awesome.

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