Love this sweet guy of mine. He wakes up early on his day off to come to the market with me. He’s so supportive and encouraging and one of my biggest fans even though his creativity far surpasses mine. I’m always in awe of his works of art. Such an amazing man! #theyingtomyyang #myColin #bestboyfriendever❤️

Comment your favourite Bradley or Colin film or show that isn’t Merlin


My first choice #mycolin

#mycolin ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Never a dull moment! My ❤️ is full! Miss him, Miss that day, Miss Disneyland - take me back... #theBIGreveal #myColin #sweetsweetBoyofMine

It's my Colin's birthday today ❤️😍
There are not enough words to express my gratitude, love and appreciation for all you mean to me babe. My only hope is that you understand what I feel is genuine. You make everything better, you are my safe harbour and best friend. I am extremely happy that you exist and more than blessed to call you mine 😍😘 #mycolin #myoutjie #dieroekertjie #diemainou #husbandbirthday

I believed in love long before I had it. I believed after being hurt. I even believed while feeling lonely and miserable. I would fantasize about one day meeting my prince and having my happily ever after. When he finally found me, I asked what took him so long. He said he loved me since he first saw me. He was so sure I was the one for him he prayed and thanked God for me in advance and promised to bring me closer to God. His intention was to sweep me off my feet and give me the happily ever after I deserved (his words). Surely God sent him or he was reading my mind. Lol. The love of a god fearing man is priceless. I'm happy I never stopped believing. #happy #love #loveislovely #mycolin #womantowomantt💋

From my first day to his last day. It’s been a slice. Nicest guy ever. Truly. Wish you nothing but the best brother. You’ve already got it made. I’m gonna miss you dearly my dear C-Train. Love you, Brother! 😢❤️💔 #myColin #theresalwaysfishbowlfridays🐟 #hessingleladies

When God finally sends you the man of your dreams and he sweeps you off your feet. He reminds you that you're a queen and is proud to call you his. All he wants is to love you, protect and make you smile. Remember to say thank you Lord. I am forever #thankful #happy #loveisreal #loveislovely #mycolin #womantowomantt💋

My ❤️ #mycolin

My teaching mentor and reason I got my first job(she liked my smile) Love you @lyndadeckergallagher and look forward to seeing your wild spirit set free this June! #birdwhisperer🦅
#flounder🐟 #bonnett #BFD #sheloveslucy📓 #cowsarecool🐄 #mycolin #fresh🥑

😄 THESE TWO !! So cute 🤗 #MyRuby #MyColin #kitty #brotherandsister

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