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Chasing lights like butterfly a flower.. 🌚✨

#lights #endofyear #christmas #christmasdecorations #littletowns #mycitytosurf #timeismagic

6 hours of footage, from 8 different cameras, cut down to 10 minutes. Episode 3 was a beast to put together!

I’ve officially been entered into the City to Surf Hall of Fame! 43 runners finished all 5 races this year and I’m 1 of 3 who did the maximum distance 🏃🏻💪🏼☺️

#MyCityToSurf (Episode 3) Part 9/9 - It all comes to an end!

#MyCityToSurf (Episode 3) Part 8/9

#MyCityToSurf (Episode 3) Part 7/9

#MyCityToSurf (Episode 3) Part 6/9

#MyCityToSurf (Episode 3) Part 5/9

#MyCityToSurf (Episode 3) Part 4/9

This guy keeps us on our toes with his endeavours. From marathon running to marathon swimming he is what perseverance is all about! He has documented his last journey on his page (@hfpresents ) and is now in full swing training for the Rotto Solo 💪

#MyCityToSurf (Episode 3) Part 3/9

#MyCityToSurf (Episode 3) Part 2/9

#MyCityToSurf (Episode 3) Part 1/9

#MyCityToSurf (Episode 3) Opening Teaser! If anyone is interested in whether I was able to shuffle/waddle/limp my way over the finish line then the final episode will be here soon!

#MyCityToSurf Episode 2 (Clip 9/9)

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