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Mama has a cutie visitor today! 💙🐶 #chumbylove #mychumby


Mama has a cutie visitor today! 💙🐶 #chumbylove #mychumby

Então. ... A foto de baixo é de 1 mês atrás, qdo a Chumby chegou aqui e a de cima acabei de tirar, como minha bolinha de pelos cresceu 😻😻😻😻 #catlife #cats #catlover #catlovers #amogatos #mychumby #1mes #amo #littlecat #littlecats

I used to be the baby of my family but 10 years ago this one was born, and changed everything. She was the first baby I really got to take care of on my own. She was the first baby to cry for me. In fact, I remember countless mornings of her waking me up before she woke up her own mother. But I wouldn't have it any other way. She became my mini partner in crime. My progene. My protoge. My bff siarra muppets. (Inside joke) But now she's 10. She broke all of our deals of her staying a baby and she's ten. Well here it to the double digits and soon to be a moody preteen. Happy birthday my chumba wumba. My first niece. My best friend. I love you. @sillykitty34 @snappleapple23 #happybirthday #mychumby #sappystuff

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