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All smiles this way 😄 #BabyJace #8monthsoldalready #Mychubbs

Happy Birthday #MyChubbs ☝️ year old ! He is getting old 👴🏽 #Dinoparty#Roar#Big1Bday# Auntylovesyou chubbs #itshisbdayhecancryifhewantsto😍😍😍

Only if he knew how much his smile brightens up my day 😍💙🤗🙏🏼👶🏽 #mychubbs #mybabyboy

My baby’s 2nd month 💖#mychubbs #viridiana

And I Will Love You Like My Own 💙 #ninaslove #mychubbs

Dear Skylar.... Today I get to celebrate my 5th Mothers day && the only reason why I'm able to celebrate this holiday is because of you .. The day of your arrival I was nervous, scared , and unsure for I was about to go down a path I had never been before ... The instant sight of your face gave me overwhelming feeling that could never be replaced .. It was Love in the Purest form .. At that moment all my imperfections didn't matter .. At that moment my purpose in life became more profound than ever.. Mother was the title that I now hold and I knew it would come with a huge amount of responsibility.. So here is my open letter to you baby girl .. Mommy is in no way perfect and I will never be but I promise to love you till my days are over and guide you through life the best way I know how. There may be times that I make unjust decisions for the better good of you and I want you to know that in order to appreciate the good sometimes you have to go through the bad ..Don't you ever give up on anything just because you did not accomplish it after giving your all when trying to do so. You have not failed! Failure is only when you decide to give up and not try again .. NEVER LET FEAR PREVENT YOU FROM SUCCESS.. I promise to protect your heart and promote you dreams .. If you believe it you can achieve it.. Don't let anybody tell you different .. You are goin to be curious about a lot things and I may not have all the answers but I promise to do my best to help you acquire all the proper information.. What the mind may not know a book can suffice .. Remember Life is what you make it and what's taken for granted gets taken away.. Appreciate every ounce of your being because there is no one in this world created exactly the way you were && for that you are special not just to me but to this universe .. Mommy loves you beyond Anything .. Thank You for Helping me to strive for the best .. Its Me && You till Forever 💕👩‍👧#happymothersday #Mychubbs #MyBushbaby

Decided to pierce my ears today with niece, so my baby girl wouldn’t have to go through the pain all by herself. #MyChubbs #BabyMia #TioDuties

Happy Friday from Mycah! ❤️ #MyChubbs #AllAboutYou #6weeksold

Earlier today from Liam's Christening ❤ #MyChubbs #Family


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