Be free to choose... You choose what works for you. I continue to love wearing make up and big hair but not always. I go with my mood. At this stage of my life I am happy to say I am not auditioning for the approval of anyone. #facts #iwillleavethatrightthere #realtalk #mybeautymyterms #happynewyear #2017 #myway ✨🦋✨💋

We ❤️ macarons!! 😋😋😋
We could eat these super cute meringue cookies everyday 😁
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No-Poo Venture: Day Fourteen; Detox// I actually have something new to report with my hair today! I remembered this morning that I can use cocoa powder as dry shampoo. So that's what I did and I feel like it made a huge difference in the feel of my hair. I'm pretty pumped for the next time I wash because my hair will smell like a mocha because of the coffee rinse and cocoa powder.// You would never believe it but she was screaming at me right before she saw herself in my phone.// People always say how they thought she is way older than 8 months. For a long time I thought they meant she is big for her age (which is funny because most people say she's teeny for her age), but I think they mean she seems older because of her personality. She is so observant and interactive that it throws people off... Also, how often do you see a baby booping an owl's nose?

No Poo Venture: Day 13; Detox// Brelfie and a mom bun ✊🏻// Almost two weeks down and it feels like it's been an eternity. I washed on Sunday night and the crown of my head is so gross. My hair feels almost sticky (which is normal). I think I'm going to try waiting even longer between washes.// I'm going to switch to posting once a week or maybe a couple of times a week. I don't have a ton to report at this point in the process. Though I am excited to see the growth in the next few months. They make shirts with measurements on the back so I'm thinking about getting one of those.// Summer is almost over, which for most people means the adventuring and experiences slow down. But for my family fall is when we get to take time to have fun. Corn mazes, Mt. Craft Days, county fairs, and layers are some of the things I look forward to the most during the year.// So while you're inside dreaming of beaches and sipping lemonade all I can think of is: crisp air, hot tea🍯, comfy sweaters, earthy tones 🌰🍠🐌, and crunchy walks through Stackhouse 🍁🍂.

No-Poo Venture: Day Ten; Detox// Today was pretty much the same as yesterday as far as the feel of my hair. Not much to report.// Today was quite the day. The day is almost over and I don't have enough time to write out all of my processing.// Just know that my mind is blown that today Kalysta turned 8 months old! She has blessed us in so many ways and I am so excited glad that we get to be here for her every growing personality and person in general.

No-Poo Venture: Day Nine; Detox// This is the I-never-know-what-to-do-with-this-hand picture.// I would consider my hair to be in a manageable place at this point, but the texture is that of most peoples' day four hair. So you can work with it, but you would for sure be washing that night because it's just a little too stringy.// Today is Rev Day. Most people know that we endured a miscarriage two years go; since I have been anything but silent about it. Well, today is that day. The day that really makes it two years. The day that marked the beginning of the changes which made me the person I am today.// There is no overwhelming sadness anymore. Just internal peace. I know that God is beautiful and good. I know that this situation was difficult & sad, but it was not bad.// It is kind of hard to comprehend how different I would have been as a parent to Rev. I think I would have been so much more structured and rigid. People comment on how relaxed and natural I am as a parent. I attribute all of that to losing Rev. It's not that I am happy I don't get to parent him, I think about it all of the time. The fact that he would be 18 months old soon or that he would probably be a little spitfire like his uncle. Maybe he would love dinosaurs or ask us to play the same song over & over, dancing endlessly to it... It's hard sometime, but I know that if we had him would wouldn't have Kalysta. My wonderful, intelligent, kind Miss Kalysta.

No-Poo Venture: Day Eight; Detox// Today my hair was kind of eh. I'm excited to wash it again in a few days because I think the lack of Essential Oil will make a huge difference.// I took the 5 Love Languages test again (with some prompting 😉) the other night. I never really wanted to admit what it truly was before so I never answered honestly... It is funny how we do that, we decide something is wrong or bad when in reality there is just more than one way to be. And it really is that simple. So, I took it a second time because I wasn't completely honest the first time (hey, I'm working on it). I was not surprised at the true results today, but I was surprised at how ashamed I was of sharing them.// Some people think I am mellow/chill, but other people think I am extremely high strung. I have my moments each way so I understand the assessment on both sides. Receiving gifts and quality time/words of affirmation. Wait, what? Me? Receiving gifts? What? No! I am super awkward when people give me gifts because I actually feel important. I hate saying thank you because I might cry. I long for it, but hate the day it happens because I feel satisfied which makes me feel guilty. Oh, wait... Now, hold on... Yeah. Yeap. That might make sense. 🙈 Oh, geez!// Listen, when I say "gifts" I don't mean just fill a bag with random crap. It could be the teensiest tiniest little box in the world and I would feel so loved just because it made you think of me.:: Last thing. You might wonder why I have to put this on social media. And I will tell you the honest to goodness truth: I have not a blasted idea. I feel like it's what I should do so I am. I'm not one of those people (anymore) who feels the need to gives the world my every thought, but for some reason this stuff is going out. But just so it is clear: I do not expect, nor do I want everyone trying to "love" me. I think I just had to be able to say it without feeling completely ashamed. So it's not for attention. Please don't take it that way. . . .
Aaaand I just realized what my No-Poo Venture really is. Whoa.

No-Poo Venture: Day Seven; Detox// Today I will rock what my husband calls my "lion hair". It is about 80% dry in this picture, I got out of the shower around 7:40 this morning and it was 10:20 here. My hair doesn't get frizzy it just has really awkward wave to it which makes it kind of crazy when it air dries (hence the lion main comparison.)// I did the coconut milk and aloe with a coffee rinse instead of an apple cider vinegar rinse. I like that I don't smell of chips when I get out of the shower. I also like that it will be way cheaper than using up my Bragg's since I use a French press and always have coffee left over that just goes down the drain.// I think part of my oil issue is that I forgot to put essential oil in the big batch so I added it to what I was going to use this past week. I am positive I added too much (I tend to get droplet happy) so I tossed that round. Next wash will just be straight coconut milk and aloe.// Also, apparently this shade of blue makes me look extremely washed out.

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No-Poo Venture: Day Six; Detox// I have had my hair up for days so I'm pretty committed at this point. I think I'm going to wash tomorrow (and I plan to be extra careful when I moisturize).// The past week has been kind of tough for me emotionally. It's funny how when you finally get to a point where you are satisfied you have to push yourself to the lesson that you have yet to learn.// Community. Community is something I have always sucked at. I am an extremely self-conscious person so when I start to get close to people I feel weird when I'm not as close to them as other people. I understand levels of relationship, and I also understand that I am married. It's very hard to reestablish relationships with people. Especially people whom you were close to at one time. When anything happens that 14 year old inside starts trying to convince me that they actually don't like me and I just annoy them. Listen, I know I am 20 years in old. I know relationships should not be as complicated as they were in middle school. I don't want them to be. Honest. I know that it's in my head and this is the scenario always end up in. I feel so immature when I get jealous of other people and their relationships with each other. I guess this is just where I am in the growth process. Hey! At least I can admit it now.
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No-Poo Venture: Day Five; Detox// Today was more cleaning and getting a few steps closer to an organized life. Hence the sweaty, grimy ponytail. I painted a table that has been waiting patiently for close to 2 years. And figured out our chore schedules.// One thing about me that a lot of people don't know is that I love lists & charts. I don't just mean I like a good todo list because it keeps me organized. I mean I LOVE them. I could sit for hours figuring out scheduling. Itineraries make me feel at ease, and charts make me squirrelly with accomplishment... The only problem is: no one else appreciates them like I do. So, when I come bearing my newest check list that "I promise will make our lives so much easier!" And no one cares, I feel like it's not worth the effort to commit to this thing that a few minutes ago I was insanely proud of.// I tried for along time to squash this part of myself. I decided that I lean too far toward type A when I really needed to be a free spirit who didn't care about any of that.// Here's the thing. I completely understand that the person shoving their itinerary in your face while you are just trying to enjoy a nice day in the sun is possibly one of the most irritating things ever, but I don't want to be that person. I want to put something together for myself so I actually do something and don't feel completely disappointed when we get home because I realize that I was just lazy and letting my social anxiety take over the whole trip. Would I like for you to join me? Well, yeah! Will I be angry at you for not feelin' it? Maybe a little disappoint, not angry. Though, I have only learned the difference between these two feelings within the last few years.// All in all I love this part of myself on the grounds that it IS a part of who I am. I feel less anxious when I am checking things off of a list than when I'm trying to wing it all by memory. If it is written down I will remember, if not you have about a 75% chance I will completely forget we even had the conversation until a week after I was supposed to do the thing. I'm not a flake, I promise! My mind is just in 1,001 places at once.

No-Poo Venture: Day Four; Detox// I washed my hair last night. Which I think was a mistake and I should have just enjoyed the curls I had, but how do you learn what's right unless you experiment? Anyway, I moisturized with coconut oil after I got out of the shower and without thinking let my hair down... 😖 Well, then my hair was covered in oil so it was basically like I didn't wash my hair at all. I did headband curls in hopes of making up for it (I think I am either just stupid or my layers make things get weird when I attempt the headband curls). I'm not really sure how the curls actually looked because I put my hair up in an ultra high pony because I had some mad cleaning to get done. Then we went to get food so I stuck a scarf in there too.// All in all I would call today I decent hair day 🙌🏻// I contemplate cutting all of the bleached hair off every other week. The reasons I would like to cut it: It would be healthier, it wouldn't turn orange/coppery every time I put henna in it, ombré was done and now I feel like I'm behind on a trend even though this was not intentional or paid for, I think I look nice with short hair. The reasons I have yet to cut it: It has taken me 2 1/2 years to get my hair to this length, people always compliment me on the color/ombré I have happening (I hate admitting that I like receiving compliments 😞). #nopooventure #nopoo #hairdetox #hair #stickitout #adayinthelife #werkthatupdo #mybeautymyterms

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