Felices 19 enana! Ya sabes q me encantan los momentos de locura contigo y que eres ESENCIAL e IMPRESCINDIBLE en mi vida. Te quiero mucho tronka ♥️.
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When you have 2 holidays back to back! I have a thing for Aries chicks!!! Happy Birthday to my Fave❤ @not_ur_ordinary!!! It doesn't matter how often we see each other or talk, when we link, everyone else become afterthoughts, SERIOUSLY! I pray your day is as beautiful as you are! And I wish I could just take that flight to NY right now and party wit ya! But I'll celebrate down here for ya! Love you to pieces and talk to you soon! Everyone wish my Fave❤, my cuzo a Happy Birthday! #YouGottaPutTheHeartAfterFave #WeGotMatchingTatts #SheMyRider #SheSayLets #ISayGo #MyHarlemBaby #MyBadGyal #ImDone

#mybadgyal 💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼

How?!!?!? Dis is my mother guys. I love you riri @badgalriri #mybadgyal #rihannanavy #islandgyal

Happy birthday to my one and only sister ❤️ I can't even express how proud I am of the women your becoming. Doing your own thing and achieving all your goals. Continue to grow and blossom and know that I will always be behind you to support you along the way! Love you so much gordi! May god always protect you❤️ #mysistaaa #mybadgyal #issa19thbirthday

This girl yo, this girl 😍 leaves me baffled every time I see her! Since I've never actually done a birthday shoutout for you let's make it a little special 🙌🏽 I've had the privilege of knowing you for about 1.5 years now and it'll forever be a treasured memory. Your confidence, your smart persona, your Kim K doppelgänger existence, & being blessed with that beautiful face is enough to make everyone lose their SHIT 😍😏I haven't gassed you up enough yet, but just know that you're unique in your own way, and you better not let anyone dull your sparkle 💞

PS : I miss your cute bunny smile Riff, ALL THE TIME. I know for a fact that it would never fail to brighten up my day, PRECISELY why I hate not seeing you on campus -_-
But hey you sexy thing, hope you have the happiest 22nd! I want to see you do great in life and be the baddest doc alive 🤒🔥 #keepthelituationgoing #mybadgyal #wheretheBBBat @riff_radz

Anda que no es bonita la tía 💛💛👯 #MyBadGyal et prometo que aquest estiu et cansaras de mi

No!! You cannot sit\stand with us 👋 bye now! #teamreddoorladies @saaaamuh @reddoorbarbados

Missed ya face!!!! #MyBadGyal! 😍 #AfterWorkFlicks 😎 #PrettyGirlsRock! 😜

👑Happy Queen Day 👑😩❤I love you Hope🙋😘 Your such an amazing women with such a big heart. My best friend, my original Badgyal lol the real Jamaican mother 😂 I love you so much👑 ❤️ p.s Thank you for making me the women I am today ❤️💁 #happymotherday#love#queen#mybadgyal#us

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