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The way she looks at you is the best thing ever!! ❤ #love#mybabe#mybabyisbetterthanyours

#mybabyisbetterthanyours mic u kyllar😘😘😘😘😘

Φάτσα μου!❤🔝😍@just.baby#mybabyisbetterthanyours

Happy one month old baby girl.. i hope i still got this!
#indogerman #mybabyisbetterthanyours #babygirl #firsttimedad #onemonthold

hold on, hold on, wait, woah there! do y'all know what today is? it's the day God gave this little butterball to me. 😍 four years ago, God blessed my family with this very opinionated, over the top, baby boy. every day is full of laughs, hugs, ups, downs &&' "Stop DJ, we don't do that!" lol. I'm glad you're coming out of your shell &&' finding your voice, but slow down lol I miss whenever you were a baby, but we all have to grow up some day. WHATEVER you choose to do, I'll help you stay on track. I'm always right behind you, so you KNOW I've got your back. ✊
#HappyBirthday #MCM #MyBabyIsBetterThanYours


A casa da 'vó é sempre a casa da 'vó @biiamalico 💕 fofo: @hkidsmodainfantil laço: oficina dos sonhos #mybabyisbetterthanyours #mariaemilia #8monthsold

An early #womencrushwednesday for you guys, and a double one at that!! On the left is my beautiful girlfriend @queenalycattt and on the right is my baby girl ❤️❤️ #sophiaauroraarnold 😘😘 it was such an awesome pre birthday gift to get to get to see her!! She is going to be the best baby ever and put next to the best momma anyone could ask for 😘😘😘 and have the two best sisters ever!! #womencrusheveryday #mybabygirl #daddysgirl #mybabyisbetterthanyours #shellkickyourass #shesgonnabeperfect #❤️

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