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🌎 Mother Earth is the most beautiful of all. 🌿Honor her with us, especially during Earth Month.
#MyAvalon #AvalonSchoolofCosmetology #EarthDay2017 #EarthMonth

The #hairshow is tomorrow 🤗 I'm so excited! @lg_beauty_ and I worked on the costume all day today. These are hand made by us. Wait until you see the headpiece! 😆 #avalonschoolofcosmetology #myavalon #avalonhairshow

Cut my daughter's hair last night! ❤️😊✂️ Sofia's layers are kinda zigzag, giving her different lengths of layers. 📈❤️ By overdirecting both ways on each section, I was able to create 3 V's/triangles on her hair. 🔻🔻🔻 I also trimmed her fringe so they don't get in the way of her eyeglasses. ✂️🤓❤️ She was so excited to go to school this morning! 📚✏️🤗🎉

S/O to my big sis for my fab new hair! I'm in love!! Hit her up if ya ever need your hair done😝💕 #myavalon @laurenmahina13

Did my first facial today! So far so good. I'm loving my school and all that comes with it! #MyAvalon

our #IceQueen

for makeup I used
·lock-it tattoo foundation
·Static Age Metal⚡Crush eyeshadow
·Witches everlasting liquid lipstick
·for her eyelashes I used Lunar Sea eyeliner by #LimeCrime
& some fake snow + glitter #kvdlook #myavalon

Lil cut for @baraelsblade I'm starting to enjoy cutting hair even tho it scares the hell outta me ✂️ #crackkittenhairdesign #myavalon #chopchopchop 💕💕💕

Color Wheel #myavalon


The first step in going blonde, while I won't be able to finish the process for her I'm glad I could help start her off. #cosmetologystudent #myavalon #colorcorrection #blacktoblonde #paulmitchell #7n #inprogress #colorcorrectioninprogress

I should have taken a before picture! This client came in with brassy orange chunks of color in her hair and requested for me to make it look more natural. I gave her all over highlights for a more blended look. We both loved the turnout. #bookitwithbarbie #barbieolson #avalonschoolofcosmetology #myavalonphoenix #myavalon #behindthechair #modernsalon #phxhairstylist #blondehighlights #highlights

When you spend four hours re organizing the nail cabinet and re numbering everything #nails #opi #opigel #myavalon #cosmetologystudent #nomoremess #opilacquer

I love client days! I love being able to do what I'm passionate about, anyone who knows me at school knows I'm usually the first one trying to talk to everyone and sharing my services with all those who let me 😜🤘🏼♥️ this week and the weeks to come, I am doing free skin analysis on everyone who is interested! All waxing and dermalogica product are still BOGO 50% off, and our prices have gotten even better! Come give me a visit, your skin will thank you ♥️ #waxing #skincare #facials #microcurrent #microdermabrasion #chemicalpeel #myavalon #esthetics

I'll be teaching a class in Phoenix next month. ✂️🎉 I'd looove to see local hairstylist friends and meet new ones.❤️😊 If you're from not from AZ, you are super welcome. I'd love to have you at the class. Tickets are limited and available through the link on my bio. 😊 I'd really appreciate it if you tag friends who might be interested. ❤️ Hope to see you there!! 😊✂️🎉

Swipe right for the list of services and pricing ➡️➡️➡️ I am accepting clients on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. Call 602-443-0076 to make an appointment and ask for me 😃 The school salon is located off of 3rd St. and Bell Rd. See you there! #bookitwithbarbie #barbieolson #avalonschoolofcosmetology #myavalon #myavalonphoenix #phxhairstylist

Dermalogica Contour masque: made from diatomaceous earth, calcium sulfate, and algin, which all form a silica base that helps firm the masque into a rubbery substance. Applied over a wet gauze, this masque literally does what it's name is, contouring the face to help cool, soothe and hydrate sensitized and aging skin. It helps to firm and tighten collagen and elastin, and gives your skin a great pick me up. Today we used it after a microdermabrasion treatment to help soothe and better penetrate the moisturizer into the epidermis ❤️ #esthetician #facials #skincare #dermalogica #cosmetology #estie #contourmasque #microdermabrasion #chemicalpeel #microcurrent #myavalon

This beaut has on the Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque. It helps clear & prevent breakouts! The absorbing clays help detox & salicylic acid stimulates exfoliation to clear clogged pores ✨💧

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