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The story of the Japanese American Nisei Veterans has always inspired me. They were the most decorated unit in the history of the US military. I realized early on that I have a much better life living in this country today because of the sacrifices that they made. Thank you 100th, 442nd, MIS, and 1399th. Go For Broke!! #MyAPALife @PBS @CAAM @PICPacific
Jake with Mr. Eddie Yamasaki - 442nd rct, item chapter pres. Photo by Stacey Hayashi

Tonight at 8pm on KQED 9: Swoon over Frank Wong's miniature recreations of the Chinatown of his youth in the #TrulyCA season premiere 'Forever, Chinatown'. Wong's intricate dioramas
serve as portals to the past in a rapidly changing San Francisco. #ForeverChinatown #TrulyCA #myAPAlife

We love this #MyAPALife from @dojobeats. #APAHM
Mẹ and I, circa 1987 // #AtSeaAndFree #myAPALife

To see more of my grandma throwing down strikes, winning bingo and snatching @dovechocolate bars, watch #goodlucksoupdoc tomorrow night. 8pm @worldchannelptv @pbs #myapalife @caamedia

Washington St // #mychinatown #myAPALife

It's Cinco de Mayo, but in Hawaiʻi May 5th is also known as Boys Day. Each streamer represents the men in the household. Time for some tacos and mochi! #MyAPAlife @pbs

Another lovely #MyAPALife. Thanks for sharing, @aamunite. #APAHM

Regram @aamunite:
“As a first-generation Asian-American, my self-concept often made me feel like an outsider.” -Abby Golfo (AAMUnite's Social Media Manager) #AAMUnite #MyAPALife

Regram @bonbonhsu's #MyAPALife:
My grandpa as a young cadet...Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (#APAHM) coming to an end at #MemorialDay weekend 🇹🇼🇺🇸 #MyAPALife with #PBS

"Remember consciousness is power." Happy birthday Yuri and Malcom X. Tomorrows world is ours to build. ✊🏿✊✊🏻✊🏾 #myAPALife


Whenever I order takeout, my mom will say, "Aiya. I can make this"... except when it comes to @phillybubblefish. I don't splurge on much, but for my parents' last dinner in Philly this holiday season, Bubblefish was a surefire win. My parents were on Cloud 9. Thanks to the wonderful, generous staff at Bubblefish. I am so proud to support a family-owned business that does so much good for our Chinatown and Greater Philly AAPI community. Please consider Bubblefish for your events and catering needs. #supportsmallbusiness #shoplocal #aapi #philly #sushi #swoon #myAPAlife #grassroots #family #love #communityorganizers

#AboutLastNight: Me at @LineDotEditions, over an hour after the Holiday Show reception was slated to end, with a gift they surprised me with for helping judge the #art submitted to said show. 💗 AMAZING job to all the artists and everyone at the #gallery! Line Dot folks, looking forward to more hangouts in the back room with the impressive bar. 👀 Of note: I showed up towards the end of the opening (as I do) and it was still packed, even with the rain. 🙌 (@krystal.boney on how she found me: "I saw someone short with long hair.") Photo by gallery co-owner Oliver Hild.
#chicago #artist #drawings #paintings #iphoneonly #vsco

I helped judge the art submissions for @LineDotEditions' Holiday Show: http://www.facebook.com/events/142674036358689 The work (all by Chicago- and Midwest-based artists) is fantastic. It opens next Friday, 6-9pm. Come! // Me at Heavenly Lake / Tianchi, an alpine lake located in the middle of Bogda Peak. #Tianshan mountain range, Xinjiang, #China. Photo by my mom. ^^

All resistance pilots to their ships! This is a red alert! Pew! Pew! Boom!. .
Sorry. I had to. Museum collections look a lot like the halls of a space ship! Also I’m just feeling it today. This is the last one. I promise.
And while I’m at it! Go check out the new project by me, @brittandbone & @michellembarboza. It’s called @cosplayforscience. We use cosplay and nerd culture to introduce people to science! Follow us and if you want to be featured, tag your science cosplays with #cosplayforscience or DM us!

I've always been #witchy. ✨ #Me, #Halloween 1995, ft. my first loose tooth. Also, this photo is so #Midwest. 🐄 #HappyHalloween!

Happy Filipino American History Month! #sanfrancisco #onlyinsf #cityhall #myapalife

#MuseumMonday! We had a great time doing #scicomm at @stanleecomiccon this weekend, but now it’s time to get back to science! Today I’m showing our intern how to create 3D models of fossils using photogrammetry. Basically, you take a lot of pictures all around a fossil and use a special program to reconstruct the fossil in 3D. We practiced with the skull of the little ceratopsian, Aquilops, this morning. Not bad for a quick and dirty photo shoot! .
OMNH 34557. Reconstructed model RAM 18275 accessioned and housed at the Alf Museum.

Hey #GameofThrones fans of @stanleecomiccon! Did you know the dire wolves of House Stark are real?!? And not only that, they once roamed California during the Ice Age! Learn all about these beasts of the Long Winter at booth 1404! It’s all about the science of Game of Thrones today! (And yes, we have dragons!)

Laugh at me all you want, but I have never felt so sexy and confident in my life. I felt like the best, sexiest damn pilot in the galaxy today and it was awesome. (Thanks to @sailor_jorb for the pic!)

Me at Crescent Lake, which hasn't gone dry in thousands of years, after our camel ride on Echoing Sand Dune. 🌛 Mingsha Mountain, #Dunhaung, #Gansu, China. Repping Illinois because I'm corny like that. Photo by my mom. ^^

Peace out #gsa2017! Gave a talk, got to hang out with my best friend @darth_dude again, met a new friend @zigthehuman, watched the sunset with favorite people @cookiemeepster & @nmlchen, met a T-rex, talked up the @alfpaleo museum, took awesome photos, and invigorated my love for geoscience education. Not a bad conference. 😎 Alright. Back home to get ready for LA Comic Con!

And just like that the rest of my extra Siris the Rhino books have been bought by one of my name twins, Angel Barrios! Thank you!
I still have extra copies of The Moose, The Moose, Wedding Planning Galore, and Today's Lesson available at a discounted price (with half of the proceeds supporting the fight against gun violence)! Visit my FB page or DM me! Not available in stores!

Me and my new bff post-camel ride over the Singing Sand Dunes on the #SilkRoad. (Camels are so chill; I love it. And the ones in Asia are so fluffy!) Mingsha Mountain / Echoing Sand Dune, #Dunhaung, #Gansu, China. Photo by my mom. ^^

Stopping by the @burkemuseum today!! Getting a peak at their T-Rex!! 😱#dinosaur

Me at Echoing Sand Dune / Mingsha Mountain, where they provided these bright orange booties to keep sand from getting into your shoes. 😆 The Singing Sand Dunes are the tallest I've ever seen; approaching them from afar was so surreal, sandy peaks jutting out of the horizon. On the ancient #SilkRoad in #Dunhuang, #Gansu, #China. Photo by my mom. ^^

I did it. It’s finished. So, #GSA2017 if you want to talk about students doing #citizenscience at the @alfpaleo museum, come to my talk this afternoon at the citizen science session. (Shoutout to my co-author @ecomorph!)

I’m working. I swear. #GSA2017 .
No for real. I gotta finish my damn talk. I’m talking about #citizenscience at the @alfpaleo museum tomorrow at 3pm for the citizen science session. Come stop by!

Meet the team!

Hi! My name is Gabe Santos (aka @paleoparadox). I am a paleontologist at the @alfpaleo museum in Los Angeles, CA and I am a proud Filipino-American scientist (one of only three vert paleontologists in the US). My research interests are marine mammal evolution and efficacy of informal education for underrepresented groups. Nerd-wise. Star Wars is #1 followed by Pokémon, Mass Effect, . . . You know to save time let’s just say I’m a huge nerd. I started doing #cosplayforscience at my museum to teach about paleontology using fossil Pokémon as a starting point. I do a pretty alright Professor Oak. So yeah! Let’s science the shit out of this and have some fun!

Fitting that I happened to be wearing my #Resist shirt: As we were leaving Jiayu Pass, we came across a stone commemorating Lin (same last name as me!) Zexu, a scholar who led the destruction of the opium Britain illegally pumped into China, triggering the Opium Wars, after which he was exiled to Xinjiang and passed through here. He's since become a symbol of the #Chinese Resistance against Western imperialism. ✊ (There's also a statue of him in NYC's Chinatown.) Jiayuguan, #Gansu, China. Photo by my mom. ^_^

Thank you so much, @rantingowl <333 #WOCAffirmation (Flashback Friday to http://medium.com/@OliviaCole/women-of-wednesday-jenny-lam-on-bridging-segregation-with-art-and-the-necessity-of-representation-f117bad9284a#.7q81s4mg6) // http://twitter.com/RantingOwl/status/918858328217964546

We finally had some hoodie weather in LA this morning! I got super excited because I finally get to show off my @permiawear dimetrodon hoodie around the museum! Dimetrodon is one of the prehistoric animals that always gets mixed in with dinosaurs for some reason. I mean, it does sort of look like a dinosaur. . . I guess. These beasts appeared way before any dinosaur and actually went extinct about 40 million years before the first dinosaurs! They are actually more closely related to mammals than they are to dinosaurs. They aren’t like our direct ancestor or something though. More like a distant cousin. You know, the one we only see on Facebook and occasionally like a funny post.

Candid of my dad when we had some free time in Jiayuguan and he and I went to take a photo of a sculpture and subsequently ended up exploring the most serene and peaceful public park where we hopped on stones to cross little streams and came across seniors playing Chinese opera in shady pavilions. #Gansu, #China.
#iphoneonly #vsco

Had a great afternoon with @ecomorph and his vertebrate anatomy class! Today they started their citizen science project using fossil specimens from the @alfpaleo collection and I gave some pointers on fossil handling and curation. Their goals for this project are to curate their specimens, identify them, and prepare research on the taxa. This amazing idea by @ecomorph is a great way to provide hands-on learning, utilize museum collections, and produce quality citizen science. If you want to learn more about this project and more citizen at the Alf Museum, see my talk at #gsa2017 on Sunday!

Had a blast talking about the real life fossils that inspired fossil Pokémon at @westernsciencecenter today! I was #cosplaying as a young Professor Oak! It was too hot to spray my hair silver. Either way I love being a Science communicator!

You know you work at a museum/high school when sometimes there are just bones in the hallway and you don’t really notice it until the end of the day. These are for the comparative anatomy lab for the Honors Paleontology students. What bones can you ID??

"The Pleasure of Being Served" now an official selectin of Cardiff International Film Festival! A deceptively simple story filled with symbolism and archetypes that touches upon topics such as Sex, Race, White Privilege, Misogyny, Work Ethic, Morality, the Immigrant Experience, and Friendship. #24fpsfest, #liveatheart, #NBCUshortsfest, #stony.brook.film.fest, #brusselsindependentff, #tangierfilmfestival,#reelasian, #norwichradicalfilm, #iffmnyofficial, #angrydougfilms, #thepleasureofbeingserved, #maraleegilbert, #angelita_esperanza, #SanfordIFilmFest, #RomaCreativeContest, #AlbanyFilmFest, #hastingsfilmfringe, #hastingsfringefest, #filmfest_duesseldorf ,#CourtsCritiques,#DeepFriedFilmFestival, #SeattleAAFF, #ramsgateiftvfest, #MyAPALife, #sceniccityfilmfest, #linkinternationalfilmfest; #cinemalaya_org, #ciff_official, #vconline

Look at our pretty Brontothere “bonebed” display in our Hall of Life! This is a recreation of how the bones were found in the field. Brontotheres are a mammal related to rhinos and horses. I love staring at this exhibit when I’m a little stressed out. After being sick for two days and not being able to work, I’m so happy to be back in the museum! Now to play catch up. . . Well. . . even more catch up now. Sigh. . . 😦

Happy birthday to my beautiful mama! 💜 (Here's a photo I took of her when I was 5 [hence the angle] in #HongKong for an uncle's wedding. So 90s!) And this year Mid-Autumn Festival happens to fall on this day! 中秋節快樂!
#mom #travel #style #portrait #architecture #landscape #goals

So this is what I've been working on. So very excited for #APAture2017 brought to you by the AMAZING planning committee and @kearnystreetworkshop!!! Much appreciation for everyone involved in making this happen. Come to the OPENING TOMORROW! Bring your friends, meet some folks, see some art, make new friends, talk to artists, talk to organizers, build a network, share some space, you know the deal. Oh yeah, and I also have a film in the Film Showcase!
#UNRAVEL #KSW45 #community #MyAPALife

Celebrating the 300th day since I started this book collection journey by setting up my very own small and humble (online) bookstore with the extra copies I have at home.
Looking a for a children's book for glasses wearers, eye care professionals, rhino enthusiasts, engaged couples, Anti-Trump friends, teachers, naughty children, moose enthusiasts, camp counselors, or wilderness folk? Looking for a children's book written and illustrated by an Asian American female? Looking for a rare signed book that you won't get anywhere else? I might have a book for you. Stay tuned! 🤓

This Thursday will be the 300th day since I started this journey to be bold. The first part was the content creation, which was super therapeutic for my creative energy.
The second part was trying to market myself on Kickstarter, which I'll admit was vulnerable but still fun.
The third part was a challenge to fulfill orders, whilst moving into a new home AND starting a new job...BUT I DID IT.
What I did not anticipate is the fourth part where supporters shared their joy in receiving their books with me AND TOTALLY MAKES MY DAY! (TY @herrolisa and @cherryberrymint for sharing videos today!)

Can’t get enough dinosaurs!! It’s day 2 of @nhmla #DinoFestLA!! Going full out with the hadrosaurs theme and rocking my @permiawear Parasaurolophus shirt! Come find me and the rest of the @alfpaleo crew in the foyer all day today.

[#TeamAbleThrive] In an effort to better familiarize our Instagram family with members of our team, we will be starting a profile series highlighting the people that make AbleThrive happen. Who better to start things off than the person writing this post. ⠀

Hi, everyone! My Name is Tim, AbleThrive’s Communications Manager (as of July 2017). I am a quadriplegic wheelchair user with congenital CP living on the East Coast (U.S.).⠀

What do you do at AbleThive?⠀

Everything. Kidding! I am a small part of a larger community effort to bring disability resources to people around the world. Specifically, I’m in charge of social media (95% of anything posted to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram is from me), weekly newsletters, community engagement, and sponsor/ally relations. In other words, I’m the link between you and the organization. I plan to be at many expos and conventions in the near future, so don’t be afraid to say hi!.⠀

What are you passionate about?⠀

Food, fashion, music, baked goods, movies, diversity, Asian American/POC /disability representation in media and challenging stereotypes of physical attractiveness in said groups, puppies⠀

What are you doing when you’re not working?⠀

Eating, sleeping, watching movies, or attempting to find the best donut in a 20-mile radius; modeling and acting have recently become areas of interest.⠀

That’s it from me, but be on the lookout for more team profiles in the coming months. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram (duh) at @ablethrive as well as our website (link in bio), for all your disability news needs.⠀

Even though I don’t have a personal Instagram (convince me) feel free to leave any questions, comments, or suggestions below or in a DM.⠀

#FunFact: When I was in high school I tried to make it as a singer on YouTube and failed miserably.⠀


#asian #korean #socialmedia #cerebralpalsy #marketing #communications #expressiveasians #myapalife #poc #disability #asianamerican #gq #donut #koreanamerican #asianaf #diversity #azn #selfie #instadaily #instagood #wheelchairlife #fashion #disabledfashion #intro #kollaboration #haikusforhotties #acting #nyfw

I’m at #DinoFestLA!!!! Come stop by the @alfpaleo booth in the main foyer to learn about those duck-billed dinos, the hadrosaurs!!

Happy #FossilFriday! We’re getting things ready for #DinoFestLA @nhmla. @phillip_mk is giving some touch ups to our hadrosaur skull cast. If you’re down to learn more about these cool duck-billed dinosaurs, come find the @alfpaleo booth in the museum foyer.

Did my first Skype in the Classroom session earlier tonight! Spent a good hour talking about museum science and collections management with this awesome group of students from Brazil! We all had a great time and even had some fun talking about dire wolves from Game of Thrones. Yo. I love my job!

I’m... I’m the Great Stone Dragon. Good morning! I will go forth and fetch Mulan. Did... Did I mention I was the Great Stone Dragon? . . . .
Oh the shenanigans paleontologists get into when moving the collection around. Oh FYI, that’s an ankylosaur skull cast that I’m holding over my head. I’m organizing the museum oversized collection and this was the first thing that came in my head when I saw it. 🐲🐲🐉🐉

Look Mom. I’m sciencing! Taking pics of tiny 45 million year old rodent teeth today. The teeth are about 2-3 mm in size, so I can’t use just a regular camera if I want nice, sharp images for publication. At our museum, we use a technique called photostacking. Basically, we use a special machine that takes a lot of pictures at different focal lengths. We then combines them all together in a program called Helicon to make a really nice image. Makes my rodents look good yo! 😎

Most people's offices fill up with paperwork. Mine fills up with dinosaurs. *Sigh* Back log. I dream of a 100% catalogued collection. Someday!

This is my "I just heard something crack" face. Cracking noises are the last thing you want to hear when you're kneeling down near a fossil, especially this beautiful juvenile Gorgosaurus from the @royaltyrrell. #museumlife

The Valley of the Mastodons exhibit is amazing! It brought together experts from all over the US to create an exhibit centered around ongoing research. Each expert was highlighted with their own section that talked about their research. It puts faces to the science of the exhibit and is such an amazing idea! Major props to the folks at the @westernsciencecenter!

Beach day with the #APAture2017 GPC! @kearnystreetworkshop We ate macaroni hot dogs and sushi, stuck our feet in the water and took turns reading @innosantonagara's "A is for Activist" to each other!
#artists #hotday #treesculpture #unravel #selfie #retreat #socialjusticepedagogy #MyAPALife

Dearest packages,
I hope you bring happiness to your new masters. I spent a week individually prepping and carefully wrapping you for this day. I was so excited to see you off!
Little did I know that I'd have to unfortunately gut each of you open and take out extra contents (bookmarks, thank you note, and stickers). I wasn't aware how strict media mail is, sigh. I'm told that an evil mail person might check you for anything other than books, which could prevent the actual delivery.
Feeling discouraged at the possibility of an evil mail clerk, Clive and I spent and extra 1.5 hrs at the post office taking out what I feared would prevent a full delivery and then tried to patch you all back to together as best we can.
So now you're off, and hopefully in good hands. I apologize if you aren't in the original condition I imagined, but it is my hope that you are still well received. (God forbid I messed up any orders during prep or had any address typos, dah.)
I'll let your new masters know soon that you're finally on your way. 📬

Yo why am I so awkward. 😂 At the @NastyWomenChicago Art Show in @StanMansion and sold my piece in it! Thank you to fellow artist @AllenVandever for buying my "Safety Lights Are for Dudes" drawing; 100% of the sale goes to @PlannedParenthood. ✊️ And thank you to all the friends who came tonight! Photo by @A_Glorious. 💕 And I'm wearing an @AngryAsianGirls shirt. 👧🏻 #NastyWomen

#tbt to when I got to meet Borealopelta face to face at the @royaltyrrell. . . Sort of. It was a cast. . . I miss Canada.
#scientistswhoselfie #pinoy #filipino #scientist #aapi #myapalife #paleontologist #actuallivingscientist

Happy #NationalDogDay! I like how my phone's #selfie album is all photos of this little muppet posing on my lap. Throwback to hanging in #HongKong with Emme, whose human is my cousin #PhilipNg / @straightblast5 (see 2 photos back).
#dog #dogsofinstagram #cute #hk #travel

How I dress for public presentations. Very, very professional. #friday #weekend #sf #sanfrancisco #cat #catsweater #bow tie #fashion #nerd #geek #kitty #adorable #myapalife #caam

#BirthOfTheDragon—the film my cousin @straightblast5 stars in as #BRUCELEE—is in theaters tomorrow! TBT to when we got dessert at #糖朝 The Sweet Dynasty (excellent Cantonese pun 👌) in #TsimShaTsui, #Kowloon, #HongKong, and something with dry ice came out. :0

#Tintype of #me by @thejenjansen. ^^ (Taken in July in a secret garden at an event that was a celebration of artisans and craftspeople and confirmation that I'm a time traveler.) Also I didn't realize this was a mirror image until I noticed the placement of my moles. 😂 ~no filter~

Today's my #birthday! (#TBT to when I was 2 and stole my mom's scarf and hat. 😇) Come #celebrate and drink with me! @EmporiumChicago Logan Square, 9pm. (My parents and I are having dinner at @Grace_Chicago [one of the two 3 @MichelinGuide Starred restaurants in #Illinois! we're super excited and have never eaten anywhere that fancy 😄 thanks to my mom for the great idea and for planning it ❤] beforehand, hence the start time. :) I'd #love to see you! Bring friends! (And as for gifts? All I ask if for you to go out and be like this teacher / badass #AsianAmerican woman who punched a Nazi despite being like 2 ft. shorter: http://twitter.com/TheJennyLam/status/897944770479304704 Hero / #aesthetic / #goals) .
#me #chicago #throwback #portrait #happy #happiness #joy #cute #adorable #baby

Selfie Portrait Project
August 7th

In the mid 2000's I was strongly influenced by visual kei and jrock style. This is my imitation of Hisashi's hairstyle.
#visualkei #jrock #GLAY #jpop #asianamerican #myapalife #hapa #selfie #selfieproject #me #self #selfieportrait #latergram #identity #evolution #fun #2000s #collegedays #young #rock #musician #hair

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the International Hotel (I-Hotel) evictions of mostly elder Filipino Americans, manongs, in San Francisco. The Manilatown Heritage Foundation is hosting an event including speakers and a screening of the documentary, Fall of the I-Hotel, with director Curtis Choy in attendance. An early version of the film screened at the inaugural CAAM film festival in 1982.

#IHotel #manongs #history #activism #AsianAmerican #MyAPALife

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