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I will be the first one to say that I level 10 hate wearing swimsuits. I always try to throw on a cover up but it still doesn’t help. And to be honest, it's because I don't LOVE the way my body looks -- To be completely transparent I have always been insecure about wearing a swimsuit because of a scar I have on the left side of my body. (I know, you can't really see it in this picture) There has always been this layer of skin that looks like a roll of fat because of my scar and I have been insecure about it.
But recently I have started embracing these insecurities while understanding that noBODY is perfect - especially mine! When I was 2 days old, I had open heart surgery after doctors informed my parents I probably wasn’t going to make it. They performed a surgery that was very risky and I came through with my scar.
This scar now serves as a constant reminder that the Lord has put me on this earth for a reason. It’s a reminder for me to lead a life of purpose, kindness and vulnerability.
Today I am accepting my body for its form right now, freckled and all - I am reminding myself not to always be critical, to accept myself for who I am and to remind myself and others of the beauty that comes from within. ✨

Spring teased us earlier this week. Winter came back. But the menu is summer 😘

It’s Thursday. It’s thirsty Thursday. It’s throwback Thursday. And this here is the most incredible vending machine I have ever seen. This #moetmoment will forever be on my wish list! ✨

When @anthropologie gives you lemons, wear them with with your favorite gingham trousers!

New #botanicaldreamscape
Worh lots of blues, greens, and turquoise 💫

Watercolor on Paper, image size 13x13inches
$189 and free shipping in the US

Taking advantage of a little February warm up and having breakfast outside with the kids ✨🌲🥐

s t y l e || the magnificent @wendyrowe wrote #eatbeautiful, a book that has slowly changed my life. from seasonal food intake to hydration to makeup to skincare (not to mention how aesthetically pleasing this millennial pink, hard-back is), wendy introduced me to a new way of living — intentional & mindful. i now search for foods in season & when my skin is acting a bit wonky i watch what i’m putting into my body to see how it reflects on the outside. this newer, healthier mindset i’m in has prepped me for my bariatric surgery seminar this week. wendy, you’re now a part of my story. i cannot thank you enough. 📷: @brittcosinger

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More #springgreens - another #botanicaldreamscape

Available. Image size 13 x 13" on paper. $189 via PayPal or venmo, free shipping in US

Needing a little Tuesday glam before I roll out of bed to throw on my baseball cap and leggings! Emotionally it’s been a hard week. But, I’ve been trying to stay positive this year and be kind to myself! Sometimes self love is the hardest kind. ❤️ also.... that plant behind me could use a little love as well 😂🌵

b e a u t y || after trying out a bunch of different facial masks, @herbivorebotanicals’ pink clay mask is the winner in my life. it’s light, has a lovely floral fragrance & leaves my skin feeling soft & bright. i tend to use this one once or twice a week, depending on how my skin’s acting. besides all the wonderful benefits i can see, what i feel is even better — confident. as a mama to a one & a half year old boy, finding some time for myself is imperative to being the best parent i possibly can be for him. on that note, i’m about to pamper myself (& you should, too)! 📷: @brittcosinger

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Take me back to this day 🌿 #lucky2beintruckee

just juicing on a tuesday @benefitjuicebar with @novakinson in stripes! #apantsromance #myanthropologie #myanthro

s t y l e || @riflepaperco was co-founded by the lovely & talented @annariflebond. (can we take a moment to appreciate her awesome name? how unique!) with a focus on gorgeously illustrated stationery, she built an empire for herself after years of hard work, & in my opinion, just being a total #badassbabe. she is such an inspiration to me & my journey; you’ll find many of her pieces in my home, including this van gogh notepad & chic black & white pencil. i can only hope to achieve even a small portion of what she’s accomplished with my own small business, @cosingerinabox. supporting small shops never used to mean much to me until i found her. now, i value each product i purchase because i know a lot of love went into making them just right for each customer that comes along. rifle paper co. has taught me the true meaning of quality over quantity & i plan to apply that to my business as well. my curated gift boxes might not be for everyone (based on their preferences for style & price), but for those who value what i do, you won’t be disappointed. a reminder to us all — “great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” - vincent van gogh 📷: @brittcosinger

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