We didn’t leave the house today so here’s this instead. 😉 #hikingwiththehills

She found out there is no school on Friday and is nothing but worried because she hasn’t started (or found) her spelling packet for the week and will now only have one day to do it. Ellery finished hers Tuesday morning. 😜 But Coco’s the first one in a freezing pond during a hike and I love her face for it. #kidscomehowtheycome #differentyetthesame

It’s Friday (yay!) and my second week back to work from maternity leave. Even though it’s good to be back with my work family I sure do miss being at home with my babes.

I want to leave the house. That’s it. Thanks k bye. 👋

If one of them feuds with a babysitter or a neighbor kid or even a parent, they are so good about having each other’s backs. Even if they’re in the wrong. 😆 #hillhighfive #nationalsiblingday #cc_colorful

She now not only thinks she needs to roll right over the second she is set down but is trying to get up on all fours and scoot. I wish I could slow down time just a little. The 3rd time around seems to go so much faster.

I have to go back to work next week and can't believe how incredibly fast these past four months have gone. Time can you please slow down! My baby is growing too fast.

singing to his sister

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 🍀 our little leprechaun is all smiles over here.

Sunday afternoons are for cuddling in bed.

daddy's girl

My sweet boy. He drives me insane most of the time but I could not live without him.

I re-captioned this more times then necessary. I cannot think of anything witty to say but I want to post because those chubby cheeks are too cute not to share. I think I need more coffee.

well hello there smiley

Sunday night we spent in the ER. This guy fell and split his eyebrow. I have to say it is really scary how brave and fearless he is. He did not cry once and the ER staff was very impressed with how well he did. This may have been his first time in the ER but I have this little feeling it won't be his last.

Dear Monday, can we please go back to bed.

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