I thought you were my Spring🌱
That’s why this Spring hurt so much and meant so much.
I thought I will be okay when Summer comes, but I’m still in pain so you might be Summer as well.
I’m afraid if you might be my Fall,
I’m afraid if you will still there in my snow white winter..
When the next Spring comes, are you going to be my Spring again?

It still hurts and I admit that I wanted to run away sometimes, from the harsh reality and tbh, from you.
I’m not blaming you.
I’m blaming myself for being a coward.
This pain and scar is so deep because you were very important to me.
Your existence, your voice, your songs, your smiles, your words of comforts meant so much for me and your shawols.
I still cannot watch any video of you crying or expressing how exhausted you are.
My heart is shattering again tonight because of losing you like that. .

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