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Aiden with #kblock43. I have never met a more down to earth guy then @kblock43 Thank you for making our day! #mwrt_grc

Nice shot from Global Rally Cross testing last week in Vegas. #MWRT_GRC @Roncar photo

Nice design – but, it’s an old-school style cable/throttle assembly for my new-school car. Why? #becauserallycross The FIA rules forbid fly-by-wire throttles in rally cross (fly-by-wire is standard in most modern rally cars). #silly We have perfectly good modern components we are having to remove for #prehistoric ones! #MWRT_GRC

My office needs a good cleaning after two days of rally cross testing. #MWRT_GRC

Two days of testing completed and this bad arse machine is more than ready to take on all challengers at the first 2012 Global Rally Cross (May 26 in Charlotte). I wish it was sooner! #MWRT_GRC

@BrodyJenner about to take some laps with me. Brody is a good dude...we had a good time hanging out today. #MWRT_GRC

Came pretty close to the photographer on this one, but I decided to let him live. #noriskitnobiscuit #MWRT_GRC

I’ve got a special guest sitting shotgun during my Global Rallycross test in Vegas today - @BrodyJenner! He paid $15k to the Sheckler Foundation charity, just to sit next to me for a few laps in my MWRT Ford Fiesta HFHV. #AWSM! #MWRT_GRC

Roadside bomb? Nope, just our timing system. #becauserallycross #MWRT_GRC

Reflecting on my day of testing. #artsyfartsy #MWRT_GRC #GRC

Rallycross testing is a just bit different than stage rally. Having a blast though with 600hp on tap. #conelife #MWRT_GRC

Part of my job includes laying rubber. I try to do my best at it. #ilovemyjob #MWRT_GRC #GRC

About to start day 2 of our Global Rally Cross test at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Weather isn’t so nice today...colder and windy. #MWRT_GRC #GRC

Day 1 of rally cross testing completed. #ilovemyjob #MWRT_GRC #GRC

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