Little tweaks make big differences. Early morning posing practice with @summerbernard yesterday. I have to admit I have been pretty lazy with posing this prep compared to previous years, so I have committed to a weekly session from here on in to make SURE I am getting it done. 👊🏻
As you get leaner, make sure you are tweaking your posing accordingly. Things change and look different as time goes by, so make sure you are adjusting as required. If you don’t know what you are doing, GET HELP!!! My go to ladies are:
of course coach @aliround 🖤
and the amazing IFBB Bikini Pro @summerbernard 🖤
There are plenty of other amazing posing coaches out there, these are just two that I have worked with a lot over the last few years. 🖤

Would much rather be rolling in the sand under the sun with not a care in the world right now ☀️💦

6 weeks until surgery!
So excited and nervous!
Really need to get everything organised eeeek.

Flash back to a few months ago before prep began and one of the very last weeks of “off” season, shooting with @koptiphotography 🖤
One of the reasons this has probably been my most successful prep to date is working with @aliround to raise calories up over the last 18 months in a slow and controlled manner, concentrating on not putting on excess body fat in the process... How did we do this? SLOWLY, not just shoveling crap and using the “off” season as an excuse to get fat 😂. I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself, but keep track of progress and be HONEST with yourself about where you are at.
This has made the process of actually getting lean much easier. Starting from a good baseline has left me in a much better position metabolically, where I am eating more and doing less, with a much lower body fat than even peak week from my last prep... The ultimate goal for competitors! 5 weeks to go and PLENTY of room to move and get those last little changes we are looking for.
#Repost @koptiphotography with @get_repost
A M Y 〰️
Tuesday bod goals 🙌🏼
Tan perfection @bootybasementstudio
Hair and makeup @koptimakeup
Photo - @koptiphotography

Never let anyone else dull your sparkle ✨✨ 📸 by @royalphotographyau

I’m not here to look pretty 💁🏼‍♀️ I’m here to get it done 👊🏻
A new low this week. Weight and measurements now below my last peak week. My number 1 goal is ALWAYS to be better than my last, so I am looking forward to seeing what show day brings. @team_round let’s get it 👊🏻✌🏼

Make each day count 💪🏻

Before an arrow can fly forward it needs to get pulled backwards, always remember that 💕

Yesterday was incredible and I’m still in shock 😍!!! Here are all of my results...
1st place Fitness Novice 🥇
1st place Fitness 30+ 🥇
1st place Fitness Open 🥇
Overall Winner Fitness Model 👑 .
1st Place Sports 30+ 🥇
2nd Place Sports Novice 🥈
2nd Place Sports Open 🥈 .
As I’m the overall fitness model I’ve been asked to fly to Thailand to represent Australia in the fitness division, wow! Honestly this is such an honour and I’m so grateful for this opportunity!
A huge congrats to all the other ladies who competed, you are all so dedicated and looked fabulous 👏!
Again thank you to all my supporters. You guys give me so much motivation and get me fired up on stage 😍!!
@vicstar_11icnposingcoach can’t thank you enough for the time you spent perfecting my poses and getting me stage ready, you’re the best! ✨
To my coach @anna_mcmanamey thank you so much for your guidance through all of this 💖

Huge thanks to the sponsors for all the amazing prizes I won! .
Also to my glam squad, you ladies made me feel incredible so thank you! 💕

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How I start my day.
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How cold was it?
Check my story out!
🧤 Freezing!

This morning was leg day number 2 for the week and it was hard. At one point, I started feeling sorry for myself and telling myself how hungry, tired and sore I was...
It only lasted for a minute or so, until I gave myself a swift kick up the ass and realised I LOVE THIS. I love the struggle. I love that this isn’t easy and I can absolutely do this.
I love the struggle because it means I am GROWING. I don’t do this because it’s easy. I do this because it’s hard and that develops strength.
Stop trying to skip the struggle.
It’s where character is built. Embrace it. Learn from it. Grow from it.

You know this girl loves her cakes 😛

New @bpmlabs Annihilate is delicious 🍓🍉.
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If your workout doesn’t excite you or scare you, then you probably need a better workout 👯‍♀️
For customized programming tailored towards your goals email me at nicoletan.bikini@gmail.com 💕

8 weeks and 14.5 weeks. ✌🏼
The tiny, do I even lift feels are coming 😂🙋🏼‍♀️

Itching to do another shoot again! Who’s keen drop me a DM 💕

9 weeks to go!
Check out my story for more info ❤

I know what I want and I’m working everyday towards it, I’m working as if I’m already at that next stage so when I do finally get there, I’ll be ready, and I’ll be worthy

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