When one of your besties comes over & your dogs forget all about you? Don’t ever be jealous, just know you made the perfect choice of a friend! Animals are the best judge of character. I always knew she was golden, but their stamp of approval confirms it! #ihavethebestfriends #caden #chopper #muttsofinstagram #bffsofinstagram

Yesterday when we were sitting in Zumo, Coco and the new breton girl’s cage, we talked about the unfairness in the fact that many dogs can forget about being adopted, not because they are unbalanced, not because they are mean, not because they are bad or dangerous, but simply because humans will have to learn to read the dog and not be an asshole... 😒 Let me explain. 👩🏻‍🏫 Zumo is a small and very cute dog. With looks like his, he should have been adopted a long time ago. Instead, months will turn into years because Zumo is a dog with integrity that has to trust and respect the human that wants to do things he doesn’t like or want at that moment. If you have no idea about when enough is enough (regarding excitement and touch) or no clue about the fact that even small and cute dogs can have preferences of their own, then he will surprise you. 😏 But if you, unlike so many others, don’t baby or humanize him and force your desire to touch and cling to him at every chance you get, he is a total DREAM DOG! 😍 He’s cool, confident, attentive, and sooo wonderful! 🙌 You can do everything you need to do, you just can’t treat him like a teddy bear because he won’t be up for it. 🐻🚫 Sadly, that’s exacly why so many folks get a dog, even more so when they look for a small one, so Zumo is out of luck! 🍀⛔️ Alex cried thinking about this as she sat there with him, because it’s such a shame, so unfair, and extremely infuriating. 😡 When will people learn to appreciate dogs for what they are, instead of only judging them based on what they can be for us? Zumo’s life depends on it. 😞
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Me and my brother @i_amstaff_roscoe have very different ways of interacting with this big, smelly thing we discovered in the house. I think this is what I'm supposed to do with it but I wouldn't have guessed by watching Roscoe! #nomnom #chewy #gummassage #teething #puppy #puppylove #puppiesofinstagram #bullypuppy #bullies #bullymix #pitbully #bulldog #bulliesofinstagram #bullybreed #muttsville #muttsofinstagram #mutt #mixedbreed #mustlovedogs #dog #doggie

Good morning 😄
Happy Tongue Out Tuesday 😛
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Happy Tongue Out Tuesday! It counts when you're eating ice cream right?

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