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Hello everyone! Do note that we're closed tomorrow and resuming business on Tuesday, 2/5/2017. Happy Labour Day from Siong Siong to you! 😁
Note: Siong Siong is currently staying in Mutts and Mittens and is up for adoption under @astrayslife. Please contact them if you're interested in giving this lovely bear bear a home 😊 #muttsnmittens

The most rewarding part of my job is getting our dogs a good home. This morning's gathering with our adopted dogs ended with seeing Cesar Milan 😍
(missing Oreo & Family, Brixton, Lyla & Family, Nachos & Owner, Piper & Owner, Debra and Dayna)

best friends ❤️❤️❤️ #doberman #rottweiler #muttsnmittens #adoptdontshop

Gotta leash them all!! #muttsnmittens

No dog deserves to be labelled "aggressive". Every dog has his own reason to hate this and that, but give yourself time to understand for the dog and for the dog to warm up to you, the result will be undescribable, something money never can buy.
Nice to spend time with you today Amos, and thanks for not biting off my hand hahaha. Above all, thank you @chansiewsam for all your guidance and allowing me to have this amazing experience and to better understand dogs more.
Pic credits @yewkiatang

Pick up the vaccination card from #muttsnmittens! Mocha is finally fully adopted by us on 19/3/17, exactly 1 month since they brought her to our place!

Brought Papa Cruz and Daughter Cathy for a walk, but the papa was too distracted to look at the camera hahah #muttsnmittens

1 piece of treat vs 1 person vs 3 dogs - aim of the game, don't let the dogs eat the treat 😂😂
📹 @sicashinki


happy TOTuesday😛

fun fact: we are the few lucky ones who get to go out everyday 😄

friyay weekend time!

Xiao Jun is up for adoption! This manja boy is great for any first time cat owners! You can literally do anything to him - Well, nothing bad, we hope! 😛 Who doesn't love a lap & cuddly cat? We all need to suffer from kitty paralysis from time to time. 😍😂

1 piece of treat vs 1 person vs 3 dogs - aim of the game, don't let the dogs eat the treat 😂😂
📹 @sicashinki

If there's a heaven for humans, l believe there is a place there for animals too. As they are often more deserving of it than most humans are...
"Danielle, you are the most sweet and gentle dog that l had met. Whenever l walked pass your kennel, you will always gave me your happy smiling face means bring me out, bring me out. 😊
And l will always take your advantage to told you to wait for me, after l walked others then l will come to you. You will always wait patiently me back to you again... Sorry, tomorrow l won't be able to send you. I hope you will love the flowers that l bought for you... Rest well... You will always on my mind, forever in my heart." ❤👧🐶❤
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