Today Bodie turns 7! The human took us hiking to celebrate his birthday. He may look grumpy, but he’s not, it’s just how his face is! Happy birthday, Bodie!!💜

Note to self: the human does NOT like it when you stick your tongue up her nose... lesson learned! 👅👃🏽

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday .


#NoFilterNeeded on my new favorite pic of #MyBodhiBoy 💙🐾

A good time was had by all until the human was stung by a yellow jacket and her nose swelled up😳 .
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I had a very special client gift me two beautiful portraits of my beloved Happy. Just a couple of months ago, my stepmother sent me a portrait. Several years ago, a local artist inquired if she could paint him and a dear friend had a stuffed animal made after him. Today, the day of receiving the portraits was exactly five months since his transition. In the short time he was here, he touched so many lives and the many pieces of artwork made in his honor is a testament to the beauty and sweetness he spread wherever he was. Blessings to my beautiful boy. #dogportrait #dogart #mustlovedogs #mustlovepitties #fineart

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