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Where are you from ? Do you have a sibling ?

It happened to me, and then it happened to you. I never wanted you to have to experience this, too.
I almost didn’t even want to touch this issue, but it’s what brought me here to share my art in the first place. Whether it’s sexual, physical, emotional, or psychological, abuse is abuse. And I’m so sorry to anyone and everyone who’s lives it has touched.

Joanna Barsh’s book Grow Wherever You Work comes at a crucial moment for many of us thinking about leadership and our future. Millennials who are born between 1982 and 2004 are the leaders of tomorrow and it's our hope, especially us older folks, that they take the responsibility on for our common future. And from what I’ve seen in those I work with I am super optimistic and so deeply hopeful because many Millennials are purpose driven and working hard to make a difference.
But I’ve also found the Millenial mindset a bit baffling and also know they don’t want to be bundled into a general study or be characterized in a superficial way.
To that end, Joanna embarked on research to help them become the leaders Millennials are destined to be.
By interviewing more than 200 high performing high potential rising leaders - not just in big business but in startups, nonprofits, and government - She learned about the challenges they face and how they face them. 
This book at its core is about these stories and about work, resilience, failure, purpose and an overall prescription for Millennials, but in fact for all people on any career path evolving and learning as they grow. It has positive psychology at its core and is very well written - #musings #muse #life #work #authenticity #millenials #thrive

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Memories battle time, emerging tattered and mangled they claw for existence. To remember to is resurrect. To reimagine a singular time in the scope of the infinite is no simple task. Only the best and worst survive the battle of time.


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The moment when you think
Damn I got it all wrong
Everything it used to be to me
It's flipped around and gone
I have to redefine it all to me
I'm a vessel show me
what I need to see
Better yet let it beat from heart
Let me breathe it in
I have to learn to love and be loved
All over again
Velvet Soul 🌷
Photo via: @other__perspectives 🌸🌺
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fruit stands are the best sources of color palettes ✨👋🏼👀

One of those beautiful, rare bright days when the Kanchenjunga stayed with us all day long.. #blessed
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These things are #good and #bad, these things are #happy and #sad.

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