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[20170616 a secret party for Clara]
Such a lovely picture😎saddd I can't meet everyone at the end, I'm sorry for leaving early... thank you for everything, loads of unforgettable memories! X. @marijapranjic @elenaconstantinidi #eventorganisers #musictherapistlife

CONFESSION • I have this keyboard in my room right now, my neighbour lent it to me because he's all over his banjo these days and the keys are getting lonely. So I've had it for a month and haven't played it once!!! And you know what? I haven't played my sax for 5 years!!! I KNOW! 😵That thing used to kind of define me! (Even after the 90's when it wasn't cool any more). There is this occupational hazard that comes with being a music therapist... Your hobby becomes your job, and your 'you' music takes back seat to your 'work' music. I'm not quite sure what to do about it, but you know how when you admit something 'out loud' it loses some of its power?? I'm betting writing this post is all I need to motivate myself to at least have a whirl on these keys tomorrow😊... Stay tuned! Xxx

During my first pregnancy, I completely gave up coffee and drank green smoothies every morning instead.
I got back on the coffee train after my son was born, but green smoothies are still my go-to energizing snack.
I have a full afternoon of music therapy sessions, lessons, and then a music class at Funshop, so this green fuel will be put to good use!

Just hopped over to Maui for the day (how many people get to say that?!) #luckywelivehawaii #maui #musictherapistlife

Ga tau kenapa seneng banget waktu bikin ini sendiri dan ngeprint ini dan gunting ini. Belom laminating dan gunting lagi sih. Tapi senenggg hahaha


Just another day at the office. How do I get any work done with these beauties distracting me?? Oh right, these beauties ARE my work. Lucky me. #lovemyjob #musictherapistlife

[Throwback in Scotland] it's been a while since I really had an escape from work... gorgeous views, reflective, philosophical... #reflection #musictherapistlife


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