Photo by @pepbonet_noor / @noorimages | From the #NOORArchive, Pep Bonet documents the Hellbangers of Botswana, the underground metal scene in Botswana.

Caption: Botswana, Ghanzi, May 2017, 8th Anniversary Overthrust "Winter Metal Mania Fest 2017". Maxao Debele aka DIDI ROKK from Ghanzi. He doesn’t play in band but likes the music and the metal community, his „true brothers".

Tour starts in a few weeks!

@little.cinema closed out their @davidbowie in film series with "Labyrinth" at @brooklynmuseum 6.21.18. Swipe for gallery

Buzzing to be heading out on tour with @fastcartoflorence in a few weeks! Who’s coming down to a show? 🤘🏼📸🎥

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